Our Sense of Style: Expressing Our True Self…

Our Sense of Style: Expressing Our True Self

What We Wear Affects Our Spiritual Self

Are the clothes we choose to wear an extension of our true self?

Or is it that we dress according to the latest fad or trend?

Research indicates that in our society, we are less apt to dress based on our own individuality.

Many of us select clothing with the mind-set of “fitting in” and in that process we lose a bit of our own identity.

The teachings of Buddha reveal to us that the individual is to be honored and respected.

These teachings tell us that it is important to know your true self.

The way we dress is an important aspect of our own acceptance.

In the spirituality of daily life, we are called to move toward a Sattvik lifestyle.

In Vedic philosophy Sattva is related to one of three basic components of the universe.

Sattva, Raja and Tama are the basic foundation of creation.

In Sattvik lifestyle, we find that the (Sattvic) person is characterized by happiness, patience, perseverance and purity.

Our choice of clothing can affect us at this spiritual level.

These choices can either be to our spiritual benefit or they can wrap us in negative energies.

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We Are More Than What We Wear

Our sense of style reflects a lot about our acceptance of self.

When you dress in a certain way it creates a shift internally.

Clothing should not be a costume to conceal our true self!

Our choice of clothing is sending a non-verbal message to the world around us.

What we express in our daily life should reflect being at peace with ourselves and that we are not “hiding” in the wrong clothing.

Buddha said, “You only lose what you cling to”.

Let’s not be driven to the latest fashion and make the clothing more important than our identity.

Clothing should allow us the freedom of movement, and should always support us in our spiritual journey.

The cost of the clothing should never be more important than the value of the person.

Un-layering Our True Self

According to Buddhism we must go beyond our sense of fashion and work by discovering our true character, our true self, and our true purpose.

It is written that our transformation should be internal.

Thus, our external self should compliment that internal acceptance.

Fashion trends come and go, but our spiritual commitment must remain steadfast.

We can move toward a more Sattvik lifestyle by how we express ourselves, both inside and out.


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Carolyn Duke

Carolyn Lepore-Duke is a Registered Nurse, Educator and Certified Fitness Practitioner. She holds a Masters degree in health and wellness. Other interests also include writing for health magazines and guest speaking on health topics.Carolyn is a student of Yoga and Ballet. She currently resides in Northern California.

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