Our Human Spirit, Lives Strong

A short story of gratitude

There’s a large sand dune that drops off into the ocean, it’s about a 50 foot drop. I drove there in my dream last night looking for my sister in law’s dark green Tahoe. Lisa passed away in 2014 the same year several others left us.

Looking over the sand cliff, hoping to see her, I slid, dropping off the 50 foot dune but miraculously landing safely on soft sand. Not too far away, I could see a giant wave heading toward shore — cresting at about 100 foot, I was sure it would destroy everything, including myself.

In what seemed like slow motion and, after several climbing efforts, I was able to get myself back on top of the dune — on solid ground.

On that edge of dreamtime, I saw there were many other friends from that part of my life wandering about. It real time, they once filled our days with joy and peace and love. I’ve missed that.

They are gone, not because they died, but because they left along with the life that could no longer remain the same.

Life changed, then I changed, as I suspect everyone else did from the ripples of our interconnected life events. Each of us changing in ways only we could understand — creating new trajectories and new beginnings.

The Message I Took from the Dream

We think as we are living a fine life, that it’s finite. It’s not. Also a true statement, regarding our homes, health and careers.

The moral of this dream story is to find gratitude for the relationships we have in our life now.

To tell each other how much we care and love them. In a flash it’s gone — and no one is ever the same again.

If you’ve survived a loss in your life, maybe it was a job, remember that this too shall pass. That our pain, like our joy is fluid.

Ebbing and flowing, our experiences remind us that as we grow into our lives we can, with grace, do three things.

1. Acknowledge the good.

2. Review the lessons.

3. And enjoy the laughter.

Life is a fragile thread — yet our human spirit, lives strong.



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