Our Children’s Inheritance…

Our Children’s Inheritance

At a time in history when so many are facing so much, and the damaging effects of our modern lifestyle are proving to be a real threat to the planet, it’s important to remember that during this existential cross-road, we have the capacity and opportunity, to not only learn and advance as a species through the current changes and apparent chaos, but to also rise victorious, co-creating a world where, not only we, but every other life form can thrive in natural balance and harmony.

All that we have ever been and are yet to be is focused in the timelessness of now. Even though our point of consciousness is here, we are also existing in many other levels that are vibrationally different from this one. Beyond three dimensional ideas of limitation is a vast sea of higher awareness held in the embrace of pure consciousness; levels and planes of existence we can only imagine until we move freely within them.

This miraculous, multidimensional existence is always available and an eternal, creative expression and impulse of who we are. Nothing separates us other than egoistic, illusionary thought structures. Our invitation is to soar beyond these constructs, unfettered by ideologies and doctrines that are not serving the whole. This is our life trajectory, and now, we have an opportunity to build a new, inclusive and life-sustainable paradigm on the fertile soil of change. It’s in our hands.

Time has come to break free of systems that prevent us from fully inhaling. For the most part, we have become a tamed society; lost and distracted; addicted and disconnected. We are searching but not seeking; feeding our deep hunger with things that can’t truly nourish us. We’re poisoning our internal and external biomes.

Whilst people’s voices rise in mass gatherings, the outward externalization of discontent often-times hides and deafens us to our true inner calling – to turn ever inward and take full responsibility for ourselves and the life force that pulses through us. Our thoughts and emotions have a powerful energetic effect, impact, and influence, not only on our outer environment but more importantly on our inner well being. We and we alone are responsible for this. Each of us, through tending our own spiritual garden, creates an atmosphere that is either conducive to life or not. The choice is ours. We can do this in an elegant and free-flowing manner or we can keep fighting with life and each other, and in the process continue to irreparably damage our mother planet, ourselves and potential future life.

There are so many words for so many things and yet those aspects of ourselves that speak the language of the soul need no words. The passage to peace within the heart is paved with silence. It’s a knowing that goes beyond ideas and forms. When each of us lets go and stands as a silent witness to the universal breath as it moves through, we become limitless, boundless and weightless; our awareness suffused with the light of our true being, we see all life in this light and all life is seen as sacred.

Many are gifted with glimpses of this and if we choose to follow the source of this we may experience being guided by a loving presence who has our best interests at heart. Each step we take in the direction of this guiding light creates an alchemical interchange between ourselves and our perceived reality – in a blinding flash of recognition we realize, like a pebble cast on the surface of still water, our intentions, be they conscious or unconscious, create a ripple effect through our interaction with life energy.

Each of us has come to this place for this time of remembering; to companion and shepherd the other, as we lift the veils of perceived realities, revealing the true nature of life’s interconnectedness. In the same way that dewdrops on a spider’s web reflect the ever-changing image of the surrounding environment, we too, are both the reflection and reflective surface.

We have the profound capacity to enhance this life with our presence and through this exchange, we can bring our fullest attention to what is required in order to re-establish harmony and beauty with our every step and breath. This creative field of existence holds the potential for a life of supreme joy and transcendent peace, reciprocity, and deep connection, compassion and empathy.

We are a part of this field and as such, are divinely gifted with the freedom to create of it what we will. Now is the juncture in human history to step into the fullness of what it means to be responsible caretakers of the earth. She is the one who feeds and nourishes us and offers our particular expression of life form a place we can call home. The abuse of our Mother must end if we as humanity are to continue as part of this profoundly interconnected ecosystem. Each of us in whichever way we are individually and collectively able, must tread on her surface lovingly and gratefully; planting the seeds of a flourishing and peaceful life for future generations, caring enough to make the changes possible.

We can look to and pay attention to many of the younger generations as well as wise indigenous peoples from all corners of the earth, many of whom have incarnated with clear vision, and an understanding and wisdom which are the key to the changes that are currently necessary for our longer-term. We have self-harmed through distress and have also resultantly caused great distress; we’ve been persuaded to adopt ways of being by the false gods of the media, material wealth, fashionable appearance and violence – our Mother is weeping, but, she too now moves into a time of recalibrating. None of us is excluded from this process and each must be seen to be accountable in a higher light. The action and power of love; love and respect for all life, for our place in the cosmic scheme of things and for the privilege of being alive at a turning point in Earth’s history where we can herald in a new day. To embrace this and become love in action, will be the gold of our children’s inheritance.

We are breathing each other home.

May your next breath be love!


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