How To Open Your Third Eye…

How To Open Your Third Eye

Third Eye

Throughout history— in many different areas around the globe as well as in many different traditions, religions, esoteric schools and sects- the idea of spiritual enlightenment under its many names (such as awakening, nondual consciousness, revelation, third state, satori, moksha, Jnana and so forth) was the main goal of life.

Each religion, esoteric school, sect, etc. had- and still have- their own way of practicing in order to achieve enlightenment.

One can divide their method into the following three major categories:

  • The way of the body— also known as the Fakir way— which one can achieve through controlling the body in a special state of mind.
  • The way of the emotions— also known as the monk way— which one tries to control his emotions on the way to liberation.
  • The last approach is the way of the mind— also known as the yoga way— which one tries to control the thoughts to awaken.

In different traditions, one can also practice multiple combinations of these three categories.

Many of the different traditions that were or are trying to achieve a higher level of consciousness believe that a human being has a “third eye”, or an inner eye, that is located between and a bit above the two visible eyes.

This third eye is believed to be a holy part of a human being that specifically function as a gate to the “other world”, or a higher level of consciousness.

For this reason, there are many images that represent the third eye directly or by some type of representation.


Interestingly enough, on top of the dollar bill there is an illustration of a pyramid with a clear image of an eye shining like the sun.

Again, this very eye represents the idea of the third eye.

The U.S. Constitution consisted of much influence from the esoteric and spiritual school of the Freemasonry, where many American presidents were members.

The Pineal Gland

Even though the third eye is considered to be a mystical and esoteric idea, science supports that there is actually a real, physical third eye.

This is known as the pineal gland, which is an endocrine gland located where the two halves of the thalamus conjoin near the center of the brain.

It is quite fascinating to recognize that the pineal gland resembles the well-known Egyptian way of drawing the third eye:

There is a good reason as to why the pineal gland is called the “third eye”, as it is the gland that is sensitive to day and night—or wake and sleep— and manages to influence the body with the melatonin hormone.

It is not by mistake that enlightenment derives from the word “light”; the very light that the pineal gland is so sensitive to.

It is also known that in spiritual experiences (ecstasy etc.), the pineal gland is in higher activity than normal.

Yet, there is much that is still mysterious to science regarding the pineal gland.

When speaking about methods to gain a spiritual experience— an enlightened state— we can now think of a new way to help one gain such a state.

This is the way of the pineal gland.

By direct influences on the pineal gland— including but not limited to— the use of sound frequencies that are designed to stimulate the pineal gland.

For example, with HealTone’s pineal gland stimulation, one can assist his efforts towards a higher mental state of mind and use the pineal gland stimulation as a supplement to his inner spiritual work.

*The pineal gland is located inside the brain actually functioning as a “third eye”. It is only metaphoric natural that the third eye is represented by different cultures at the same location as the two visible eyes (in between and above them).


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