Open Spaces

For my entire life I have been very independent. I run my life by desensitizing myself, afraid to say too much, to feel too deeply, to let people know what they mean to me. What I know now is the value and the importance of opening the door to others is truly a gift. You can do it alone, but you don’t have to. I crave to hear other people’s stories, I crave a deep connection. There is true magic when people come together, hold hands, sing, dance, laugh, and most importantly share stories. Everyone has a story to listen to, learn and grow. The world is full of miraculous people trust me I share with them daily. Why? Because I thought I didn’t have anything special to offer. For so long I kept waiting for something or someone to show up on my doorstep, give me some kind of fully developed gift/skill and to finally make me feel like I belonged and that I could be of service doing something I loved. Yoga opened many doors for me and I am grateful, conversation was still limited. It never occurred to me that claiming belonging for myself was not only the first step, but also my choice & responsibility. I have lived with a dull ache inside telling me there is more to life. Yoga helped me surrender but the past made me push and when I stopped pushing I LISTENED to the gut and finally turned in the direction of what I love and want. I used to wish that I could find a way to get paid for loving people. I kept waiting for a path to find me loveable. I used Yoga and mindfulness to help me surrender and get myself out of my own way and now with this new incredible vehicle NLP, RTT, Yoga MIndfulness and hypnosis a specific framework of questions and guidance to help people discover and transform their limiting beliefs so that they can unlock their hearts, alignment and limitless potential. I am supporting people in setting themselves free from whatever is holding them back from being WHOLE. My clients get to BE the change in their own lives and then let that ripple out, I am the lucky one?! I feel blessed to join clients on ZOOM and share on the journey to making the NOW WOW! I’m so excited!!!


Sylvia Colbourne Martin


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