One Week To Completely Clear Your Chakras…

One Week To Completely Clear Your Chakras

7 Days of Journaling to Clear Your Chakras

Journaling for self-awareness can promote subtle body stability as much as asana practice, crystal healing, or other energy cleansing modalities.

Putting authentic thoughts on the page can be a powerful tool for Chakra clearing, not only because our thoughts move energy, but because the insight gained from Svadhyaya (self- study) helps anchor a state of balance deep within.

One way the seven energy centers of the body (Chakras) can be viewed is as a hierarchy of needs.

Exploring life events that may have an effect on the Chakras allows us to contemplate our instincts and issues, urging us to make change, or at least make peace, with those issues that interfere with keeping our positive energy flowing.

Consider journaling as a tool to cleanse your energetic body.

Each day for a week, explore one of the prompts below, and see what insights your writing reveals.

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Monday: Muladhara – Root Chakra (The right to feel secure)

What is your definition of “home”?

If home is defined by any place where you feel loved and accepted, you might feel more at home in yoga class than in the house you grew up in.

Is your ideal home simple, with such low rent that you never again would have to worry about paying the bills or being a slave to work?

Compare your definition of a perfect “home” with the place you actually reside.

What might you consider changing (or what are you deeply grateful for) about where you live today to promote feelings of security?       

Tuesday: Svadhishthana (The right to healthy sexuality)

Every person deserves to have control over their own bodies.

Write about physical intimacy by exploring a few memorable experiences (good or bad) when your body was or was not honored in a self-respecting way.

Does anything need to change in your behavior or the behavior of others to establish a respectful regard for your body?

If you have had a negative experience, write about it, but change the ending of the story so the outcome gives you back your control and respect.

Rewrite history!

Wednesday: Manipura (The right to our feelings)

When or where do you find yourself speaking one way even though you are feeling another?  

Write a heartfelt apology letter to you from someone who owes you an apology.

Put a voice to the words that you perhaps never received, yet should have been given.

Accept and forgive.

Thursday: Anahata (The right to love and to be loved)

What is your definition of love? Is love something you give or receive sparingly, generously, or with strings attached?

Write about the love you give and receive from others.  Compare the two.

Is it possible you receive love from places or people you haven’t recognized?

Are there ways you could demonstrate more love and compassion for others? Make your own “love demonstration” list.

Then follow it!

Friday: Vishuddha (The right to our individual voice)

When have you spoken your mind, or not spoken your mind, and paid the price?

Would you be more honest if you didn’t have to worry about repercussions?

Energetically, words need to be spoken much more than they need to be heard.  

Write an “unsent” letter stating your true feelings toward someone with whom you have not been able to communicate.

Then consider if (in a softer way) you are ready to address these feelings in person.

Saturday: Ajna (The right to follow our intuition)

Write about a time when you did (or didn’t) listen to the voice in your head, and what happened as result.

Has listening to your intuition ever saved you or gotten you into trouble? 

Do you fail to act on your intuition sometimes because it doesn’t seem practical or you don’t trust yourself?

Write an open dialogue between you and your intuition.

This may turn out to be an argument, a gushing commentary of appreciation, or a blame fest to intuition for abandoning you when you need guidance most.

Listen to your intuition’s side of the conversation, and make peace, promising to listen and be more responsive in the future.  

Sunday: Sahasrara (The right to our spiritual beliefs)

Make a list of things you can’t explain that suggest an ultimate energy that connects everything.

Or, make the list of life’s gifts that make the world deeply poignant and meaningful.

Look at the list and write about one item that jumps out at you.

Write about any connections you see between the different things on the list.

Take time to acknowledge and/or pay tribute to the small miracles that grace your life.

After seven days, read your entries. Continue to unravel the thread of your life’s tapestry by writing about how addressing these issues affected you. Go deeper.


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