One Way Gratitude Leads To Growth…

One Way Gratitude Leads To Growth

Every year I am secretly sad around the holidays. By this time each year, I have created two lists. One list of things for which I am grateful. The other, is the not yet list.

My gratitude list is ever growing. Still, I focus on the not yet list. Focusing what we don’t have never brings us closer to it. 

Focus on the wins!

Don’t take them for granted. You work hard to win; planning and training consistently. Winning is expected. Yet somehow, we do not give it the attention it deserves.

Maybe it is the fear of being judged as arrogant or cocky. Whatever it is, winning deserves a gracious celebration welcoming the winning spirit into your life. Want to conquer those not yet items? Acknowledge the wins. However big or small.

Some days getting our 7-year-old to school on time with his hair brushed, lunch in hand and connect sheet signed is my biggest win. And I appreciate it because after 5 tardies the parents get called into the principal’s office. I am so not interested in that meeting.

Acknowledge the win. Attract more wins.

Gratitude Leads to Growth

Acknowledging your wins, is a lesson. Each win lays an outline for the next win. What was the strategy? What worked? What did not? What can be done better, faster? How? By answering these questions, you begin to develop a winning strategy. A strategy that can be applied to the items on the not yet list.

Shrink the not yet list by realizing, it’s only as long as you make it. You don’t need to list everything you haven’t accomplished if doing so makes you sad. Don’t torment yourself. Be gentle with yourself. All good things take time. Prioritize realistically and then stretch where you can.

Lastly, the not yet list is just that, not yet. It doesn’t mean never. It means there’s more work to do, more effort to exert to reach your goal. Instead of focusing on the lack, focus on the abundance of opportunities to grow.

Before you scoff at what is incomplete, consider all the things you have done. Be grateful. Take a moment to enjoy the win. Apply the winning strategy. Create more wins.


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