One Simple Way To Find Joy…

One Simple Way To Find Joy

On a car ride to work, Anita Baker’s You Bring Me Joy came on the radio. At first, I sang along because, this was the music of my childhood. As I sang the words, I began to think about joy, my joy and what brings me joy. My thoughts stumped me. So, I changed the station. Avoidance 101.

I went back to listening to my trap soul music because in that moment that music made more sense to me. “Every day I am hustling; Sleep when you die; Poor fool; You get bag and fumble, I get the bag and flip and tumble……” YES that made perfect sense to me! But only because I had been in grind mode for so long. The comfort of that music had inspired me to do my thing, leave my job, focus on my family, do something meaningful, follow my passion so, in that moment, it felt like the safest place.

Still, I knew I had to answer those questions for myself.

And before I laid my little head down to sleep that night, I heard “You bring me joy” playing in my head. Its beat was different, it sounded like my son playing with his toys and the silence of my teenager enjoying the sepia colored sky after the evening’s rain, the low rumble of the tow truck under the bombing sound of music as my husband pulls in the drive way for the night. All of this called to mind joy. My joy. And what brings me joy is as simple as listening to the soundtrack of my life.

In life the simple things can disappear into the work, allowing us to forget what brings us joy. Often the challenge in finding what we need is organizing the noise around us. I was reminded. And I listened. I hope you listen to your reminders.

Dial down the noise and embrace your joy. It’s there, in the quiet moments, in the noisy moments, even in the sad moments, joy is there waiting. Sometimes we just need to be reminded.


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