Once In A Blue Moon; The Divine Mother Is Birthing A New Humanity…

Once In A Blue Moon; The Divine Mother Is Birthing A New Humanity

On October 31st, 2020, the Full Moon in Taurus will be the second Full Moon of the month, and therefore, it is called a Blue Moon.

This Full Moon’s importance goes beyond the fact that it is already an exceptional Full Moon; it is a portal of change, a path, a switch into a new dimension.

This Full Moon is a great portal to heal and re-calibrate our human DNA, to clear the Ancestral Codes of fear and doubt embedded in it, and to get closer to our Angelic source.

By no means of coincidence, October 31st also happens to be the day of All Saint’s Day, a day celebrated solemnly by the Christian religion, with ceremonial feasts to honor the Beings of Heaven that are believed to bring gifts to the children to create a bond of blessings and love with the living.

Also, associated with All Saint’s Day is “The Day of the Dead” in the Spanish tradition, where the families reunite to remember and honor the souls of the departed. It is believed that with flowers, food, dances, and prayers, the two worlds are closely connected for the benefit of the departed and the living.

Halloween is also celebrated on October 31st. A tradition originated in the ancient Celtic Tradition. This day is defined by the end of summer and the beginning of the winter, and symbolically it represented the time of death, where the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead was blurry.

The Full Moon will emphasize the energy present on this important day, where the visible world connects with the world of the invisible.

Be sure that you tune into your Divine Family and focus on rehabilitating your genes; avoid getting triggered by the chaos present in the lower frequencies and getting stimulated by the collective confusion and fear.

The new dimension announced in 2012 is here to be crossed by the brave souls. We are being guided in the next 11 days into a portal, a bridge to release the old and embrace the new.

On 11/11, we enter a Consciousness portal opened by the Divine Mother, initiating/birthing the planet into a new frequency of compassion and pure love.

This new energy flow will disturb the status quo of manipulation, supremacy, and old systems based on inequality, creating chaos and collective fear.

When the air is too “thick,” take the time to be in your heart and tune into the diamond light waves coming from above.

Stay in your body. A collective re-birth is manifesting.

The pains and shape-shifting moments will be intense and sometimes will seem absurd.

Ask for help from your spirit world, connect to like-minded people, pray, sing, and dance. Be the one holding the torch of hope and ground your presence in love and light.

In Love,



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