Once In A Blue Moon – A Rare Second Full Moon In Aquarius…

Once In A Blue Moon – A Rare Second Full Moon In Aquarius

This month, a rare second Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22nd, 2021, is closing the energies presented in the previous Aquarius Full Moon on July 23rd.

Independent and sovereign, the Aquarius constellation is coming back to push us into the awakening of objective truth, to take matters into our own hands and resolve them to a conclusion.

Aquarius inspires us to endure the discomfort necessary to evolve to the next stage of our evolution. A sign of revolution, rebellious actions, and the need to fight for justice allows us to see aspects of ourselves and situations that we have been oblivious to.

With the Sun in Leo opposite the Full Moon, we can expect a surge of power, courage, and actions, to activate the desire for freedom and respect for everyone’s needs and opinions.

The second part of August is going to be turbulent and unexpected. Under the influence of Jupiter, we can witness situations and emotions expanding and getting louder and bolder. We feel the pressure of another wave of restricted norms, contributing to the collective fear of the future.

Trust is suffering. We are being played into becoming suspicious of our neighbors and into seeing potential danger everywhere around us. We are out of balance with ourselves, disconnected from nature, and consequently, out of harmony with the world. The spreading of the fires and the multiplying of the floods are nothing but consequences of this imbalance.

The energy of Aquarius is about adding new perspectives to our perception of reality and helping us come out of the illusion of duality. It teaches us to find the wisdom inside of us to listen to our bodies’ messages, intuition, and to understand what we have done to provoke the imbalance at hand.

The Full Moon energy shines a special light that clarifies the nature of what is unfolding. Make decisions and remove what doesn’t work for you anymore. Put emphasis on taking responsibility, choosing wisely, and align courageously with what you trust.

The magic of Aquarius emphasizes your engagement in making changes in your life and being present in the collective. Show up in your communities, be active and collaborative, be aware of others and their needs, receive and give. A balance between personal needs and the collective is the key.

Take inventory of your arsenal. What you have built up to now, is your arsenal. Remember that you have decided to be present here and now and be part of the significant shift that the Earth is going through. Who you have become, how you show up, and how bright your light is, will define the level of your spiritual and human maturity. Courage and boldness are the qualities to sharpen at this time, to contribute to the collective shift.

Breathe, sing, and dream of a future that is in harmony with the highest manifestation of love, health, and joy, as you align with the power of the Aquarius Full Moon.

This is a time to dream big and ask for a bright future, free of suffering, lies, and unnecessary sickness.

Humanity is ready to evolve in its divine destiny of Universal Love, and we are here to “Make it Happen!”


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