On Walking Barefoot

Try walking barefoot to experience the benefits for body and mind that can be accessed through the soles of our feet, as many ancient healing practices teach us.

Try this now.

Put your bare feet into the sand or into a stream or wet grass.

Allow yourself the time to pause.

Reflect on what is important to you.

Breathe deeply and exhale.

Feel the change in your energy.

Walking outdoors recharges you, but you ask yourself why?

Walking barefoot, even more so.

Energy exchange

Our feet anchor us to the earth and allow our energies to freely flow. It has to do with simple science. Energy can flow through our bodies, and just like your body can conduct electricity, you are a conduit of energy. Physical, mental energy, and even emotional energy.

It flows through your nadis, or meridians, and the ancient systems of medicine understood these fundamentals much better than allopathy or modern medicine does. If you look at Acupressure, Acupuncture, Tibetan or Chinese medicine, Reiki, Ayurveda, Pranic Healing, or even Homeopathy, the understanding of how energy channels in the bodywork have congruences.

Your nerves end in your feet. A foot massage helps your whole body relax. Through your feet, and the pressure points, you can access your mind, body and heart, your energy and even your emotions. When you have a high fever, wrapping your feet in a towel with water is one of the most effective ways to bring it down. Walking barefoot on the soil allows for an energy exchange. Let go of anything negative, or darkness in form.

Witness yourself

Recognize where emotions like anger and greed are held, and how they contribute to how you feel. Let go. Reach – with practice every single day and all the time – a witness state of awareness. Slowly. When you do this, you will see how your ego plays its part in controlling your behavior, and that allows you to step outside the part you play. See the bigger picture, and whatever is bothering you looks much smaller.

One more time

So, do this again. Rotate your ankles, flex and stretch your toes and the arches of your feet.

Touch and massage your feet with love, gently.

Allow them to touch the soil, get dirty.

Wash them, and feel how the touch of water can cool your whole body down.

Take the time to walk barefoot, every single day.

For the more inspirational article: https://yogavana.in/blog


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Mani Raman


Mani Raman is a dynamic, inspirational teacher of Yoga and meditation from India who brings his wisdom, high energy, humor…

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