On Times Of High Stress…

On Times Of High Stress

As I write this, a news story is reporting the way triage works. The COVID-19 virus is tearing through the world, shutting down borders and striking fear in the hearts of many.

Times of high stakes and high stress are when we can feel the most helpless and stuck. But it is also during these times when we can find our greatest strength and resilience.

A few ways we can find the deep reserves of strength within us during times like this center on our ability to digest the information coming at us, our ability to respond with objectivity, and our ability to remember just how capable we are to move forward.

Humans are incredibly resilient. More, we are resourceful. And at times when there is an external threat, we must look to our creative reserve to solve issues and make the right decisions. So what can we do, specifically?

Get Present, Not Ruminative

It helps to take a breath and listen to it fully.

Practicing meditations, breathing exercises, yoga, prayer, or funneling energy into creative ventures will all have positive impact. When we are under high stress; however, it can sometimes be easy for us to go through the motions and not be able to focus.

We can  sit and meditate and find ourselves repeating anxieties in our head. The fact is, this is not bad. Getting present, not ruminative, means focusing on what is causing us stress directly, rather than trying to analyze. Allowing ourselves to feel fully.

Remember Where You’ve Been

Take time to recount times you were able to overcome what seemed insurmountable. There are times in all of our lives when we call on our innate ability to solve problems with a little grit and a little perspective.

Our core is the source of our strength and courage, so when there is doubt, pulling in the navel and imagining all the strength and energy that has been collected over the timeline of your existence does wonders. Imagining this energy expanding, being absorbed throughout your entire being, grounds us enough to allow objectivity.

Practice Personal Leadership

Everywhere we go, we must understand that it is not up to others, but it is up to us to show up in the way leaders must. We must harness emotional calibration. We must display emotional intelligence by listening to others carefully and responding with empathy, rather than reacting or commiserating. We must show up with courage and commitment. We must show up when others won’t or don’t. We must show up even if we don’t think we can.

It is by showing up as our best selves, living presently, and remembering our journeys that we can do so much more than we can imagine.

By harnessing our collective resilience, we can call on the beauty of this existence and meet high-stakes, high-stress situations with grace and insurmountable strength.


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