On Owning Your Path As A Healer

If you’re a healer, chances are your work is your business. You’re out there doing your soul work.

And as a soulpreneur, there’s going to be a point in your business where your business is going to say, “Hey, if you want this to work, you must own your path.”⠀

So let’s talk about this. Because in my work, I spend a lot of time helping people figure out what their path truly is so they can own their work.

Even if your work is a calling, it doesn’t mean you own it… yet.

“Owning your path” isn’t just putting yourself out there with your healing or coaching business. Because let’s be honest here, a whole lot of us do that without really knowing what our path is.

Owning your path is about recognizing your value, your essence, and claiming your voice around what you do. Not necessarily what you think you’re supposed to do, but what your spirit knows as your truth, with a capital “T.”

You know, OWNING it. Seeing your work for what it is and saying, “Yes, I’m in.”

It’s about getting to the soul of your message.

Without fail, when your work and business say, “Hey, step it up,” you’re going to come face to face with questions like, “What should I be doing now? What is this work of mine?”

If you’re confused about what you should be doing, or unsure what to do to get your business into a flow, you’ve not yet gotten to a level of information you need: your soul message.

That soul message and embodiment of what it is that you do — the deeper “DNA” roadmap — hasn’t yet been tapped into.⠀

I see people trying to combat this confusion or lack of direction by going out and getting more skills — working on their business — rather than going within and figuring out how their business begins with them.⠀

I did that…

The very first time I reached out for “bonafide” help with my business I was at my wit’s end. I knew I needed to get clarity around what I was doing and how to get it to work.

I was in a major up-leveling.

So, I worked with a coach who was going to help me align my business in all ways. Looking back on that, I think there was a lot of her telling me what I should do, the model that seemed to work “out there.”

But at the time I felt so confused, and so excited by all the new activity around re-creating my business, that I followed the plan that was unfolding.

After several months, I had a new niche, new website text, and I what felt like a new lease on my business-life.

And yet, not a whole lot was happening.

I was told the problem was my mindset, so I looked at that. I was told I spent too much time “processing,” so I lept into more action (although I was in action all the time, spinning my wheels). I was told to think higher vibrational thoughts and be that energy, so I practiced that.

But I felt as out of alignment as ever!

So I quit all that. I hit the reset button, stepped back into my power, and looked at this through the lens of what I know about how to work energetically to get answers.

There was something I wasn’t seeing; something nobody else was looking for either.

So I focused on a few core areas:

1. I let my business come to life and I connected with its consciousness. 

Not by thinking what I thought it should be and then speaking for it, but by truly connecting into another level of awareness via my intuition.

I did this by integrating ALL the intuitive skills I’ve learned and downloaded over the years to systematically understand:

– what was important to me

– who I needed to be to stand up and own my truth and my work

– what my own voice sounds like when I step into that power; how I must speak of my work

– how I needed to live, to align with my work

– what my work and business needed from me, to create from a more aligned space

I didn’t need a new niche or a new website. I needed to own the truth of my work and claim that. THAT was the up-leveling that was needed.

(Now, this is what I do with everyone I work with.) 

2. I ONLY focused on core issues and patterns.

All the distractions of following “this belief” and “that mindset” — which are just the symptoms of the core issue — were put down.

I went back to what I do, and have always done: I found the core pattern that I was afraid to own about who I was. What I was afraid to own about myself, that was also at the root of my work.

I shifted that and everything shifted.

When the path ahead is unclear, come back to center and do this level of work.

Clear out the outside noise and focus on what matters; find what’s at the core of what you’ve been spinning around… what’s yours to understand.

The answers always come down to owning what you are afraid to own, so you see your own genius.

That’s what lies at the heart of your core message. The thing you must come to see and own, to stand in the center of to say, “This. This is what I do and it feels so right.”

And then… you take a step on that path of yours.

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