October Full Moon In Aries Focus & Forecast…

October Full Moon In Aries Focus & Forecast


Hi Stargazers,

The October Full Moon offers so much light and support for those who are looking to bring new light and life into their reality. God gives us all endless resources, but we tend to settle for less and forfeit the unimagined life. How? Well, as the Full Moon in Aries shows us, it’s about the leaders and role models we look up to and follow.

It all begins with vision and what we see. We see something, we like it and we follow it. We embark on a journey.

What or whoever you follow or subscribe to is like tuning into whatever they are broadcasting – on all levels. Have you ever received an email that makes you smile? Or have you ever felt nauseous or jealous after scrolling through someone’s feed? Maybe insecure or unsure of yourself? Feeds are a direct line of energy into your system and can take you up or take you down a journey that’s not meant for you. Many of these feeds appear to be “feeding” you, but they just want money, or even more precious, want your data, energy, time, and attention. Sure, you may get some quick-fix boost, but it’ll drop you in an energy drop.

What happens is that you actually consume those agendas and patterns through the function of the mind and subconscious susceptibility. If you ever have had recurrent thoughts of indecisiveness, paranoia, hatred, or envy to the point of becoming frozen with anxiety, you have experienced an energy drop. This Full Moon is going to shut down and cancel as many unwholesome feeds as possible so that you can pull out of the scrolling addiction. Unfortunately, there are many content providers saying all the “right” things for all the wrong reasons stealing energy like an episode out of Sailor Moon. Read “Energy Vampires” in Zodiac Hacks: Constellations: A Month-By-Month Guide to Making the Most of Your Year, Every Year. (p. 325 – Kindle edition)

The Full Moon in Aries will be in alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer. This is all about healing your wounded vision – where you see things for what they aren’t and believe it to be so. We tend to take the illusions so seriously that we neglect life. It’s time to heal and connect with life with this Full Moon in Aries, which has the power to make your present and grounded in your reality. Rather than live in realities being superimposed on you, it’s a time for freedom and accessing the highest level of light for life for YOUR reality. There will be a downpour of light during and after this Full Moon in Aries, which we will need to get through the upcoming eclipses.

Aries is a fireball of energy and wants to raise your energy and consciousness. Aries wants to bring you life and push you forward with the armor of a spiritual warrior. The suggested alchemical blend for this Full Moon is the firewall which helps create a barrier of protection around you from both electromagnetic and psychic attacks and at the same time, balances your electromagnetic system so you can handle upgrades after making big changes.

Just before the October Full Moon, Pluto moves from direct demanding we make some upgrades in our reality to bringing more longevity into our projects.

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Wellness for this full moon

Because of the strong connection with Chiron, the Aries Full Moon is granting us access to another way of thinking and processing energy within our heads. Since Aries rules over the head and the moon chakra originates at the pituitary gland, there will be a lot of energy within the skull.

During every Full Moon, there is a lot of light reflecting in the atmosphere looking for a way to enter into our reality. When we are too small (meaning we are in our comfort zone, lazy, or judgmental), the light that wants to enter our life can be perceived as pain or stress. This can literally feel like a headache which is a sign that you’re developing new pathways for growth.

We can ease this process with preparation and awareness.

First, we need to become aware of the fact that the mind does not originate within the head. Within the head, is the brain, which is the interface between our body and mind. Whatever we are tuned into is what we will receive and broadcast into our reality. We can change the station with this full moon from a channel of static into a channel of harmony and success. Just ask yourself, how many times have you experienced a situation in your mind only to find that your actual experience of the event, person, or place was entirely different than what your thoughts were advising you? Sometimes our experiences are not how we expected them to be – for better or for worse. We all have obsessive thoughts and fantasize about what’s going on – it’s sort of normal, but it shouldn’t be. These torturing thoughts are like invasions that consume us and put us into fear. Chiron’s influence with this Full Moon will bring these up so that we can heal them.

ZODIAC HACK: This full moon will illuminate where these obsessive thoughts are invading your life and where you should focus on moving forward. Figure out where this Full Moon is occurring within your birth chart.

This full moon will open the space to take your mind back from anxiety and worry so that you can focus on creation and positivity beyond the mental attacks you’re limited by. We can all accomplish this by tuning into true and authentic stations. As always, we will be offering a Full Moon Virtual Ritual where you can learn about the various channels of mind one can tune into. Becoming aware of the Divine channels and the static ones to avoid. There is an entire technology surrounding this process. With technology comes challenges and instructions that we need to be aware of which will be discussed in depth during the Full Moon Virtual Ritual.

Feel free to submit a vote on keywords you want to be addressed within the Full Moon Virtual Ritual for a collaborative experience. The popular words will be revealed during the workshop part of the ritual.


It’s time to shut down the negative thoughts and turn on effective thinking that’s tuned into the Divine channel.


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