October Akashic Reading

October Akashic Reading

The energy of October is intense and yet not. It’s filled with many blessings and opportunities as well as challenges and discord.

The question then naturally becomes which will you focus upon. Which will you choose to attune your energy and align to?

States of being are merely that. When we move from love we see loveWhen we move from expecting the unfortunate, we get the unfortunate.

Stay vital and strong this month. Do what makes your heart fill with delight. Take in the majesty of your life and know that nothing and no one can take it from you but you. No one has that power. And so with every step, you evaluate. What are my intentions? What is my current consciousness?

Self-care is equally important this month. Turn inward and be willing to put the focus on you. Cover the waterfront, so to speak so that all of your internal waters are fresh and clean and rid of the collection of limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, and hooks that keep you dense and contracted. This is how you can embody a frequency that is not at all bothered by what is occurring outside of you.

Eat foods that warm your belly. Sleep peacefully and get lots of it. Visualize your heart expanding and send love to even those you dislike or are challenged by. The void between higher 4D and 5D cannot be passed lest you embody that unconditional love. It’s a practice, one you must put to use each day. This is a safety measure to ensure that the higher dimensions are not distorted by the ego, emotions, and mind distortions that many of you are still dominated by.

Protect your third eye and crown-this is where the distorted energies will attempt to take you off track. Exist instead within the magic that you are. Inherently. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or large or small. Old or young. Successful or not.

Like the many grains of sand, your worth and your magnificence can’t be quantified or measured. And despite those who attempt to, nor can they be swept away.

You’re infinite and the more you focus on the essence that is your infinite being, your infinite strength, support, and security, the more you will be present with self. Not the self that they tell you to be or have manipulated into being but your truest self. And it’s also how you will be so present with your true self that these distorted energies will be so out of alignment with where you are vibrating that they have no impact upon you whatsoever.

You are not what is happening outside of you. You are not your trauma. You are not your disappointments. You are not your mistakes. You are infinite, loved, and supported beings who are unique in ways you haven’t even yet discovered.

So while the energy of October may have sticky moments it’s your focus, your awareness that you can either get stuck within it or you will be too busy celebrating, exalting, and loving the being you are to be impacted by the intentional distracted outside of you.

You are loved, you are supported. You are protected.


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