4 Ways The Ocean Renews And Refreshes The Spirit…

4 Ways The Ocean Renews And Refreshes The Spirit


Breathing Deep

Like the water, the wind keeps moving at the ocean, and greets you with fresh air each time you visit.

Breezes envelop us as we dry in the sun or walk in the evening.

Several studies show that ocean air can actually reduce lung congestion as well.


Quiet self-reflection and connecting to ourselves and to nature is healing for many people.

The ocean is often recognized as a powerful metaphor for the existence of the human as part of a whole.

Sogyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist teacher and author, says, “A wave in the sea, seen in one way, seems to have a distinct identity, an end and a beginning, a birth and a death.

Seen in another way, the wave doesn’t really exist, but is just the behavior of water, ‘empty’ of any separate identity, but ‘full’ of water.”

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Exercise and Playing in the Sun

There are numerous ways to exercise at the seaside.

Swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and beach soccer are just a few examples.

If you aren’t into any specific sport, simple activities like diving into the waves and skipping rocks keep you active and feeling well.

While sunblock protection is crucial for your skin, the vitamin D that sunlight provides can be preventative for health issues ranging from high blood pressure to depression.

Enjoying Your Friends and Family

The ocean also serves as the perfect backdrop and a strong metaphor for loving relationships.

Families, couples, and friends are able to relax and reconnect while sharing their time off by the sea.

We all know that strong relationships can reduce stress levels.

I grew up near the Chesapeake Bay, and the shore is a place where I can hear a larger rhythm of nature and also begin to hear myself more clearly, which improves my ability to hear and relate to others.

As the ocean interacts with the land, they reflect each other, change shape at each other’s edges, and are unique and interdependent, much like people in a close relationship.

So, if you haven’t been to the ocean in a while, a place Chilean poet Pablo Neruda called, “the vessel filled with all motion,” I recommend you visit soon!


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