Non Resistance = Freedom From What Is!…

Non Resistance = Freedom From What Is!

Worry, suffering, pain… is in the resistance… not the situation! Next time you worry or suffer, become aware that. The pain and suffering is not because of the situation – but your resistance to it!

If you are unhappy – you are resisting something. The stronger the pain – the deeper is the resistance.

Indeed in becoming aware of one’s resistance – one inherently takes a step away from it – and thus the pain! But in resistance are you flung back into the worry and suffering again!

Only in non-resistance of what is, is freedom from what is


Simply this awareness that everything IS as is – is how – what IS, remains as is, and can yet be anew!

Only this awareness indeed … can alter what is! Reflect on this!


What do I resist ? Only what … isn’t! Simply this awareness can shift us into non resistance!

The secret of non resistance is that we are only resisting, what isn’t = The past! The future!

How can we resist, what is never present? Never present = doesn’t exist! How can we resist what isn’t!

Reflect on this

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