New Moon Soul – Singing Journey In Aquarius…

New Moon Soul – Singing Journey In Aquarius

We have entered the Aquarius Age. This first New Moon in Aquarius is going to impact a new reality to come into form.

The New Moon is forward-moving us into the energies of Aquarius… the energies of Freedom, consistent Change, Breakthroughs, and New Explorations.

It can be painful if you resist it, and it can be exciting if you participate.

Aquarius is bringing stimulations to find new territories inside. The higher mind is activating collective healing of sexual abuse, establishing purer and clearer frequencies around the physical body; as a result, children will experience a safer perception towards life.

All will contribute to forming a higher consciousness outside the predictable mentality that expects the same old, same old…

If you want to ride the new wave, take an interest in others, express positive intentions that honor everyone involved, look into the unconventional…

This lunar cycle brings exciting surprises, stimulates exploring yourself in an inventive way, that will easily guide you forward differently.

Channel these energies into exciting projects, take positive actions that inspire your soul, and feed your spirit.

Guard against arguments!

The under ground theme is acceptance of diversity and to avoid fighting the status quo.

People that are ready to wake up, are already awaken: some secretly, some just starting to open an eye above the illusions that have been set up for all to adopt, and some are crying out loud still wanting to save their friends and family members. And maybe the World….

The Aquarius New Moon will push, slightly, the need to care for others, to support and alleviate our loved ones, sometimes from inevitable self afflicted pain.

The need to not know the entire truth has been seeded for so long. We are used to not look behind the curtains and to trust because not-trusting is too much work.

In all its contradictory forms… sometimes sweet love, sometimes tough love, but always love indeed.




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Donatella Moltisanti


A naturally-gifted healer with a music conservatory degree in opera performance and teaching, Donatella Moltisanti is the founder of the…

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