New Moon Kiln

In month number nine, on day 9:

Clumps of clay

We’re all merely matter

and the ethers

above, shadow us with love.

A faint crescent moon crumbling

out of the cornea of our eyes

sleepers in the collective EYE;

we’re wiping stardust away.

Debris from a once brighter sky

falls into a new day.

Into the new, phases of our life fluctuate.

Planting intrinsic seeds, our souls reap what they sow.

Together, as we garden and water each other with compassion.

Luminous souls grow and grow.

Tapas building, we’re firing up a new moon kiln.

Cultivating a new earth human horticulture,

a culture manifesting into an annular harvest moon.


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Brieanne Tanner

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Brieanne has been practicing yoga diligently for 13 years. She’s been a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance since 2010…

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