New Moon in Sagittarius – A New Beginning Of Law, Justice And Truth…

New Moon in Sagittarius – A New Beginning Of Law, Justice And Truth

On December 14th, the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius brings in a new beginning, starting an exciting and accelerated optimistic process.

Sagittarius connects to law, justice, and the truth, and it will help reveal more of the hidden realities that need to be seen and resolved on a global level. The Sagittarius’ New Moon is initiating the beginning of a new era, giving a new meaning to our lives in the quest for justice and fighting for our rights, unwilling to sacrifice our principles and human rights.

The Solar Eclipses are known for influencing our moods and amplifying our feelings.

Become vigilant and maintain a coherent, positive frequency. Try not to judge yourself and others. Notice if you tend to watch too much news, get discouraged, pessimistic, or irritable, and actively take the initiative to pull yourself out of the negative track. Remember that this is a critical momentum for humanity’s evolution and that it will pass as we align with a higher consciousness at Winter Solstice on December 21st.

Your chakra centers and subtle bodies are powerful energy fields that filter, purify, and determine how reality affects you personally. The way you take care of your emotional and energetic bodies can make a difference in the outcome of your experience.

To protect your inner serenity, talk to your inner child, move your body, practice yoga and meditation, be grounded, find your center, connect to nature, and find gratitude in every experience. Take time to pause, check inside, play with your pets, and be close to your children.

This New Moon and Eclipse are essential to prepare us for the December 21st quantum leap. We are entering a period of elevation that will manifest in the next few months. It will display in a personal and collective way allowing us to become familiar with capabilities that at the moment we consider superhuman.


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