New Moon In Libra On September 25…

New Moon In Libra On September 25

Time pulses through the Universe as it is the last New Moon of Summer 2022 (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), ushering in a new season. Restless in retrograde, Mercury speaks to the orderly Libran, encouraging reflection on topics such as close partnerships, romantic or otherwise, and reigning in those judgmental poison darts to both the self and others. Like other New Moons, this New Moon calls for calm, a sense of stillness, and inner reflection, without becoming too self-absorbed. Use this supportive time to allow space for deeper meditation into whatever percolates to our surface musings, as this strong retrograde energy (including six planets in retrograde and three asteroids) invites us to inner-self exploration.

Natural peacemakers, Librans can be counted on for tactfulness and diplomacy – choosing words carefully to avoid confrontation (at almost any cost). Mercury conjunct New Moon (and the Sun) might indicate that enhancing truthful communication skills should be focused on – learning to speak our truth – without regard to the larger masses’ perception. Balanced, with a strong sense of justice, Librans tend to ensure that all viewpoints are covered, which can sometimes make them indecisive. True to Libran’s meme (balance and harmony), balance in relationships is also vital during this period.

During this New Moon lunation, the Sun and Moon oppose Jupiter (the planet of fortune and abundance) in Aries. By far the most massive planet in our solar system, Jupiter’s vastness can contain all the other planets within it. It is the same in astrology: Jupiter is all about expansiveness and child-like faith with the belief that life is actually worth living. This conviction can affect us in multiple ways. Providing a powerful illuminatory effect, Jupiter’s opposition to the New Moon may allow greater clarity and an elevated perspective of our perceptions. It may also inspire manifesting our desires at an accelerated pace.

When considering new (or existing) relationships, it’s important to remember that as we manifest these meaningful partnerships (marriage, business, or other), Jupiter in Aries reminds us to reflect on our own personal needs and desires, too. On the other hand, although Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic, it could also swan dive into over-optimism, overextension, and unrealistic expectations. Jupiter in retrograde may produce a somber outward appearance that may impede emotional openness.

This New Moon season also brings Mercury-Venus conjunct in Virgo (remember, Mercury is retrograde). This energy can guide how our thoughts and communication tendencies, amplified by Jupiter, affect our most important relationships. Venus, also considered a benefic planet, will influence our tight-knit relationships. Communication, both verbal and nonverbal, will play a key role as we venture into this New Moon energy.

So, fellow journeyers, as we traverse these myriad planetary energies, remember to be patient, practice inward reflection, and remain focused on the moment that presents itself to you. Cherish the meaningful relationships in your life now, and divulge your deepest secrets now because we know not what tomorrow brings.


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Lori Monk


Lori Monk is an author, astrologer, Reiki master, and spiritual seeker.

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