New Moon In Libra, 2021

The Sun and the Moon will align again on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021, to start a new cycle for the month. Symbolic of the energy of the mother and father, the Sun and the Moon are getting together in conjunction with Libra to create a new balanced reality, conscious and awakened.

The Universe is opening new doors for us to receive ideas and impulses carried by a strong motivation. At the same time, the flexible Libra’s symbolism of the balanced scale presents us with choices and deeper perspectives.

Libra is about relationships, partnerships, and diplomacy. Because Venus rules Libra, we can strongly feel the presence of grace, transformative creativity, and patience. Venus is the planet of the divine feminine, the life-giving force present in nature, and the universal sense of Love that unites humanity, so we can expect a remarkable strength of the feminine energy influencing our need to be fearless and look at the bigger picture.

There are many opportunities to fall into despair and hopelessness at this time as the pressure of giving up faith is very strong. More often than not, we face a general attitude of giving in or meeting the demands that force people to choose actions that won’t serve their well-being in the long run.

Traditionally Libra would tend to let things slide to not “rock the boat,” but this New Moon is pushing us to be straightforward and show up and express our views and opinions. The intelligence of the higher mind is teaching us how to be authentic with compassion and gentleness, forgiveness, and self-forgiveness.

You can opt to live in a higher frequency by tuning into the feminine force present in every being, connecting with nature, feeling your heartbeat, taking long walks, and breathing through the chaos unleashing in the world.

It is your time to know which seeds you want to plant at this time of the month.

In Love,



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Donatella Moltisanti


A naturally-gifted healer with a music conservatory degree in opera performance and teaching, Donatella Moltisanti is the founder of the…

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