New Moon In Leo Opens A Much Deserved Chapter Of Joy…

New Moon In Leo Opens A Much Deserved Chapter Of Joy

A fiery, passionate, loving, and exciting New Moon in Leo opens a deserved new chapter in our lives full of joy and love.

Because Leo rules the heart, you can feel your heart energy activated by this New Moon while it looks like a new lease on life is beginning.

Admittedly, it has been a challenging and most unique time for most of us. Confusion, anger, and shocking surprises have been dominating our world. If you have felt tired and discouraged, heavied by a sense of overwhelm and demotivation, be ready to leave your discomfort behind.

At the time of the New Moon, you can tap into your authentic, loving self and create from your center, rooted in your truth, and with courage and devotion, find your purpose.

The wisdom that this New Moon is sharing is to inspire you to challenge the status quo that expects you to conform and follow a path that was laid out for you. Leo is allowing you to use your courage to face life with all its ups and downs. To take the risks that are necessary to make your life real and authentic. To accept that neither you nor your life has to look perfect to be defined as worthy.

Leo’s clarity of vision is going to help you to kickstart your life with a new spirit, feeling upbeat and strong again. New commitments, new learning, new discoveries are flowing down with good news and a sense of inner prosperity.

Curiosity, courage, and capacity to go deep is part of this New Moon. You can use the shadow work you have done during the first part of the year to reap the gifts that your shadow had hidden inside.

Mercury’s influence will enhance the Leo spirit of playfulness, adventure, and spontaneity, making things much lighter and smoother.

Mars trines Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun will infuse your projects with optimism, making processes lighter. Cultivate this state within yourself to establish a flow of self-confidence and bring passion back into your life. Mars will help you focus on your purpose making life events unfold positively and efficiently.

Tune into this playful, fiery, jubilant, and curious New Moon in Leo to awaken the power of the heart in your life, to harvest the courage that you need to fulfill your purpose and to fall in love and embrace life again and again.

The New Moon in Leo is an opportunity from the Universe to help you release the old adage of “blind following” for the sake of “safety” and to choose your life path out of courage and love.


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