New Moon In Leo On July 28, 2022…

New Moon In Leo On July 28, 2022

New Moon in Leo on July 28, 2022

(~1:55 PM EDT)

Leo, symbolic of the majestic lion, whose consistently passionate nature is evident, will swing into our cosmic arena bringing with it a New Moon on July 28, 2022, at approximately 1:55 PM EDT. Leo, ruled by the Sun, brings light and warmth to all lifeforms on the planet.

Leos tend to be fiercely loyal and dedicated to those closest to them. Leo, as the Fire element, can most certainly possess impulsiveness, arrogance, and impatience. On the other hand, however, Leos tend to be passionate, outgoing, optimistic, highly creative, and spontaneous. Signs in the Fixed sign, like Leo, may show self-restraint, diligence, determination, and persistence. Opportunistic Leos can be a light force of positive energy in the world.

Leo’s ruling planet, the Sun (well, it’s really a star, but hey…for the Sun to be a planet, it would have to orbit another sun), is a personal symbol of identity, which can help us learn independence, fulfill our highest potential, and enhance our originality. The Sun, like Leo, has overtones of being “King” with the potential of having leadership qualities. As Kings of our own world, we rule our internal domains; we manifest our truest desires. Both Leo and the Sun are inclined to have masculine qualities, as opposed to the feminine Moon.

The cosmic lover of the Sun, the Moon, the mother, is a reflection of our instincts and spontaneity. The Moon shows us how we instinctually protect ourselves and seek comfort and safety amid a sometimes chaotic and turbulent world. We can also think of the Moon as a conciliator between the two worlds, inner and outer.

Leo rules the Fifth House, associated with love and pleasure, and is how we convey our desires, creativity, and casual romance. The Sun’s energy may drive us to animate ourselves through romantic and daring action as we forage for freedom and self-expression.

From our perspective, the New Moon in Leo is nowhere to be seen since we will usually be facing the Moon’s shadowed side, which does not receive direct sunlight. At this lunar cycle beginning, the Sun and Moon are in conjunction. The New Moon in Leo is an excellent time to improve and enhance our Leo and Sun qualities and traits, such as endeavoring in creative pursuits and taking pride in ourselves as unique beings. This particular time for the opportunity of new beginnings is a fortuitous time to open our hearts and manifest our deepest desires. New Moons are the launch points of the manifestation cycle, enabling us to conjure and create a harmonious world. As female (Moon) and male (Sun) energies combine, we may find that we can be gentle yet decisive with our approach to other people.

Coinciding with the New Moon in Leo is Jupiter retrograde, giving us the opportunity to evaluate and enact our big-picture plans with seemingly limitless possibilities. Retrogrades also may encourage deep-diving into past projects we were once passionate about. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is linked to growth and abstract thought and can influence our lives in a big way.

As the New Moon in Leo approaches and settles among us, seek self-improvement in areas such as creativity, uniqueness, and harmonious relationships. Set the stage for reaping the rewards from these new beginnings. Look for unexpected revelations that spark a new beginning – be open to ideas that challenge you to seek higher levels of awareness. It will be natural to yearn for personal growth, improvement, and setting our sights in a more positive direction.


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Lori Monk


Lori Monk is an author, astrologer, Reiki master, and spiritual seeker.

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