New Moon In Capricorn – The First Lunation Of The Year…

New Moon In Capricorn – The First Lunation Of The Year

The First Lunation of the year accompanies us into the portal of a New Era. The New Moon in Capricorn emphasizes the need for collective awakening, participation, and engagement in life through actions and interactions that create uplifting platforms that restore hopes and manifest our willingness to change and contribute to the new.

Coming out from a shockingly surprising, restrictive, and heavy 2020, we are entering 2021 somewhat ready for another year full of surprises, but with a rebellious heart prepared to show up and speak up.

Still supported by the glowing inner fire of the Eclipse season, we can find a new path into a reality that will reveal new and hidden aspects and parallel truths that allow us to see and understand was has been obscured and unthinkable.

Every month at the New Moon, we have the opportunity to sit down in an intimate setting and connect to the creative energies present in the sky to receive insights, healings, and inspirations. We align our mind and heart to our spirit and enter the Moon’s fertile womb’s energy to revisit our reality, release what is complete and put down new seeds for the following lunar cycle.

But this month’s New Moon is not just another New Moon.

This month, we have the opportunity to meditate and co-create for the month of January, for the year 2021, and for what it represents; a New Era with a new hologram.

A New Earth grid is already formed. Are you going to step into it?

Take time to imagine a New World.

We can step into a new frequency if we attune our minds and our bodies to higher regenerative vibrations, such as created by the heart’s anchored actions that connect you to the already present grids of the New Earth.

Capricorn is about Self Mastery; How deep are you willing to go? How well have you mastered your ability to handle the truth in your life? How do you deal with the tendency of delegating to others the source of your wellbeing?

This New Moon in Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto will strategically assist us in our needs for new courageous adventures up to 2023.

According to astrologers, this New Moon has an inherent shaking nature.

Every single planet is in a T Square with another planet creating significant tensions and power struggles to dismantle the old power structure while the new is being birthed.

Uranus also goes direct, expecting to create more awakening, rebellious energy, and earthquakes up to the end of the month.

The feminine force is stepping forward again with the Black Moon Lilly in trine with Mars and Uranus in Taurus, and square with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius.

This particular combination is quite a bomb, given the fact that these planets don’t like to follow rules and, in particular, man-made regulations that don’t honor truth and freedom.

The Black Moon Lilly is also the wild side of the feminine and likes to respect Nature’s Laws, but not so much the man-made laws that disrespect humanity’s divine nature.

As we navigate an intense first month of the year, we need to remember that we need to anchor into the heart energy to keep ourselves sane and balanced on a personal level.

Much Love,



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