New Moon In Cancer On June 28, 2022…

New Moon In Cancer On June 28, 2022

New Moon in Cancer on June 28, 2022 (~10:52 PM EST)

My dear Sol,

When time permits,

I shall dance with you again

Even just for a minute or two

I just want to be with you…

– Harald Christian Avanzado Pujida

Lovers, Sol and Luna, will once again grace our skies on June 28, 2022, when the New Moon falls in Cancer. It’s an enchanting time to engage the mother and inner child in all of us. Take time to tap into yourself where intuition abounds.

A New Moon may be likened to a blank canvas or a new beginning where you can plant the seeds of intention to manifest your heart’s desire(s). A New Moon in Cancer, the sentimental, nurturing, and even introverted sign, also invites you to practice self-reflection and inner caring. A New Moon in Cancer may provide the opportunity to gain clarity around your inner life and your closest familial relationships. New Moon in Cancer individuals can potentially tap into the feelings and moods of others, making them apt counselors and self-help coaches.

Astronomically, the Moon, the clock of nature, exerts a strong gravitational pull that not only causes tides to change in our oceans and seas, but humans as well can react to the subtle magnetic changes during Moon phases, particularly during a New or Full Moon. Such changes affect our alpha brain wave activity that encourages emotional “reading” or heightened feelings.

Moon phases are symbolic of immortality and eternity. Moon phases are also symbolic of our consciousness/enlightenment and of our shadow selves; or our dark side. We inwardly carry all of these possibilities within ourselves. The shadow Moon mirrors our own inner turmoil and emotions; the bright Moon our inner guiding light. Whereas, as the ego is fueled by the Sun’s direct energy, our souls are nurtured by the Moon’s indirect energy.

Heracles, according to Greek mythology, extinguishes a great, giant crab sent by Hera (Juno) to attack him. Hera then saves the crab and has it memorialized forevermore among the constellations. This constellation represents Cancer, which has a psyche that contains and supports life. Cancer, like the Moon, deals with emotions, the unconscious, and instinct. The Moon, like Cancer, reflects our inner souls, our inner world. Unlike the Moon, however, Cancerians avoid change to an extent and prefer security and safety in most things they do. Cancerians tend to be souls who are caring and dependable.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, its Element is Water, and its Modality is Cardinal. As the crab is protected by its shell, Cancerians may also have the tendency to protect or shield their sensitive inner selves, making it difficult for others to get past their self-constructed barriers. Being a Cardinal sign means that they can be tenacious and influential. Being a Water Element makes them powerful – water can put out fires; water can sculpt canyon walls.

Cancer resides in the Fourth House, an unrevealed house – only we can see it. Here again, we see a theme of attuning to our inner selves and may retreat to home and family, including ancestors. Once more, like Cancerians, we work diligently to unravel our emotions and intuition. The Fourth House also represents ancestry and home life. It reveals to us what physical environment and immaterial qualities we prefer. We may realize that success is not necessarily measured by the material things we have accumulated in our life but, rather, the amount of joy we allow ourselves to experience. The Fourth House is linked to motherhood, feeling secure, how we’re cared for, and how we care for others. The cusp of the Fourth House is called the Nadir.

Our particular New Moon in Cancer will form an activating, strained angle with the most giant planet in our solar system, Jupiter. Jupiter offers expansion and abundance, feeds your hunger for knowledge, and may provide insight into closely-held values and over-indulgent habits. Jupiter can bring you luck and ample opportunities in lessons of self-moderation, frugalness, and humility. Topics such as the realm of emotions, safety, protection, and nurturing ourselves become magnified. We may retreat into ourselves (our shells) for a moment, seeking our zone of comfort and whatever feels familiar. We should learn to pardon ourselves and others which may assist in avoiding cyclic thinking and possible depression.

During this New Moon in Cancer, whether it’s the freedom to express, the freedom to love, the freedom to earn, the freedom to thrive, the freedom to learn, whatever it is – make sure you’re a part of these spaces and opening doors.


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Lori Monk


Lori Monk is an author, astrologer, Reiki master, and spiritual seeker.

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