New Moon In Cancer Leads Us To The Light Of Justice…

New Moon In Cancer Leads Us To The Light Of Justice

In character with the 2020’s speed up time, another important lunar cycle is already in the works. While the last Full Moon Eclipse frequency is still going strong, I am already sensing the touch of the coming New Moon on July 20th, 2020.

This second New Moon in Cancer takes our focus into a deeper level on family matters, past and present relationships, and the balance between mother/father and feminine/masculine roles.

This constellation creates a propitiatory moment to release the imprints of the shadows that have formed in our inner child, by healing the wounds of the impact that the environment we grew up in had on us.

As I tuned into this New Moon’s energies and experienced these new beginning’s downloads, I journeyed into vivid dreams where the inner family with all its distorted shadows and survival mechanisms of compensation were shown clearly.

I could personally experience how the internal split between the inner child’s divinely given all-knowing genius, and the shadows of low self-esteem, have created a complete self-blindness and a tyrant inner perfectionist that will dominate the scene.

In turn, the present self, the adult self, gets manipulated into an ongoing sequential labyrinth of false perfectionism, judgment, discouragement, self- sabotage, and dooming low self-esteem.

Two days later, during my morning meditation, I got the Rune 6.24 of Masterful Inner Change. With its cunning synchronicity and its lesson, it is about governing our Inner Reality through Self-Government, which refers to the inner work of healing and balancing the Inner Family’s shadows.

This New Moon in Cancer is purposely navigating us into the duality present within us.

It wants us to meet the inner child, present in every human being, as the precious container that carries the spirit of knowledge and the genius of understanding.

At the same time, we have to deal with the shadow of an emotionally wounded inner child that has not been mirrored by its surroundings, and it’s bound to feel worthless and stuck in the internal struggle of not-knowing the self.

Today I woke up looking at the clock to the number 5:55, which is the number of ultimate positive radical changes (I suggest we put on our seatbelts and enjoy this inevitable transmutational ride).

A strong influence during this New Moon is portrayed by Saturn, which will become direct with the Moon and Sun in Cancer on July 20th.

Saturn will push our consciousness straight into the shadows of self-doubt and self-sabotage, giving us the opportunity to overcome obstacles by trusting ourselves and putting the right positive energy in place.

This New Moon has a powerful and beneficial effect on our development by supporting our intention and hard work to open new doors of long-lasting freedom and success. If we take advantage of this cosmic alignment, we’ll be able to master our will against oppositions and obstacles, both inner and outer.

As you tune into the New Moon frequency on July 20th, you can meditate into the different aspects of the self that has been fractured into different prototypes. Being often in contrast with each other, they create constant tension and inner conflicts within ourselves.

The Saturn opposition to the Moon, in conjunction with the Sun, is building an intense month of constrictions, limitations, but also justice and fair authority. It means that we will suffer more because of the consequences of the limited way of living and connecting, due to Covid19, which can be taxing to our nervous system.

At the same time, Saturn’s connection with Jupiter will shine the light of justice to social matters such as child abuse and racial injustice.

You may also want to tune into other aspects of this lunar cycle, including the abundant energies of Venus, bringing spiritual abundance, financial revelations, and opportunities.


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