New Moon In Aquarius – A New Imprint For The Next Decade…

New Moon In Aquarius – A New Imprint For The Next Decade

As we enter the airy, mental Aquarius energy in conjunction with the New Moon, on January 24th, 2020, we’ll find a balanced middle ground thanks to the Earth-centered Capricorn.

With its slower and grounding pace, Capricorn has contributed to our collective awakening and has helped us grow stronger into our sense of self and into our sense of belonging to Mother Earth.

Thanks to this process, we are continuously growing in the awareness of the responsibility that we – as humanity – have towards the Earth.

Like toddlers obsessed with the sense of “I” and “mine”, we are coming closer to sense the discomfort of excessive materialism. It is finally undeniable, as we are growing into the awareness that the Earth’s lack of wellbeing and our actions are correlated; that the collective “I” needs to take responsibility for making very poor choices towards its fellow man and the environment.

For this purpose, the Aquarius mind oriented energy will help shift things around quite quickly, changing the way we live in a radical way.

Aquarius brings an intellectual and scientific spin to approach the problems that we need to solve with our environment. In the near future, we are going to experience a different approach to reality, as Aquarius’ faster pace of innovative future-oriented energy is going to drum a new rhythm.

We can expect a generally open and supportive attitude, prone to share with likeminded people, and with a clear focus to protect our environment. Old, slow and passive mentalities will dissolve, completing a cycle of destructive forces while we engage with a more balanced approach that respects, human diversity and the environment.

The overall transformational process is going to be present throughout the year to allow the structure of the patriarchal energy to be released layer by layer. The perception of time will also change, as we accomplish more in a short time and become more present and actively participate in changing the way we live, treat and interact with each other.

A new appreciation for truth and clarity will grow out of the Aquarius mental clarity and is it going to represent a new standard for everyone, as the sense of a global community is growing exponentially, and we are willing to learn from each other.

However, with this new technological wave of progress, an opportunity for a learning curve will arise when we choose to use technology to avoid connection with people and become too mental and cold towards our fellow man. We have to safeguard being too much in our heads and in the avoidance of any feelings. I suggest using the wisdom of connection gained with Capricorn to build a solid foundation in our hearts and be present in alignment with Nature. Let’s embrace technology to simplify life, not to detach from life.

I want to invite you to take time and meditate upon the innovative energies of Aquarius and the wisdom of Capricorn, calling in this New Moon’s co-creative power to align our creative spirit into the highest frequency present in the Cosmos.


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