Never Question Your Worth Ever Again…

Never Question Your Worth Ever Again

Repeat after me: “I am enough”. Now say it again, with confidence and conviction, I am enough. Say it one more time, and let it sink in, “I am enough”. Now, breathe.

You are not reading this by accident; you are meant to see this. Whatever you are going through right now, believe that you are enough. Yes, you are imperfect, you are flawed, and there are things you are insecure about, but may you never dislike yourself because of these.

In this life, you may have met different kinds of people, experienced various challenges, and at some point, loved the wrong person. Your heart may have been broken, and you may have had to answer people asking you why your eyes are swollen. At some point, you have questioned the universe why you had to experience this kind of pain. You hated seeing yourself cry in public, secretly wiping your tears behind the tinted glasses that you are wearing. You saw yourself in the mirror and wondered what happened to you, and you can’t even find the answer. You hated how you, someone who’s supposed to be strong and sure of herself, is wasting her tears and questioning her worth. But you can’t help it, tears flow, and self-doubt visits you on a daily basis.

Whatever challenges you’ve been and will go through, I hope you will never have to question your self-worth because of someone. I hope you never spend every sunrise and sunset second guessing yourself, wondering if you’re worth fighting for, if you’re worthy of love and attention just because someone you cared for failed to do it.

May you never believe that you are lacking just because someone failed to see your worth, and chose to look somewhere else. It may sound self-serving, but when someone chooses to let go of your hand, believe that it was their loss. Bear in mind that in the arms of the right person, you will be enough, and you will be the best thing that ever happened to them. That person will be scared of losing you and will do everything to keep you because you matter.

And may you never question your value just because you are alone at the moment. Rather, be patient, and focus on building yourself. And may you never settle for something less than what you deserve.

There will be days when you will still cry.

There will be days when you will question the universe.

There will be days when you will feel insecure.

But when these days come, you will stand up every time.

Your self-worth is like an umbrella, having it will not stop the rain, but it will protect you from getting wet, from getting sick. Your self-worth won’t stop the challenges from coming, from time to time, you will be shaken by uncontrollable events, but as long as you are firm about the value that you put on yourself, you will survive. So please, never let anyone’s incapability shatter your self-worth. And above all, may your self-worth never be dependent on a person.

May you never have to question your worth ever again. Now, look at the mirror, and say YOU ARE ENOUGH and believe it.

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