Neptune Retrograde In Pisces 2019

Remember To Surrender.
June 21 at 18° Pisces – November 27 at 15° Pisces

Hello, Stargazers! 🌃🔭

On June 21, 2019, same day as the Solar Solstice, Neptune will go retrograde. In a horoscope, “retrograde” means that a planet, from our perspective here on earth, appears to be going in reverse.

When planets are retrograde, they are closer to Earth so they are brighter! So we can use that illumination to see into any area that we have missed. However, we need to keep in mind that things do become more complicated when a planet goes retrograde. But, this gives us opportunities that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Neptune will be transiting the second decan of Pisces, the sign it rules, so it’s almost like Neptune feels lost in his own home under the sea. Imagine you are floating upside down underwater, trying to figure out which way is up and which way is down.

Depending on where Neptune is transiting in your birth chart, we may be able to change direction or see into areas of our lives that need some extra attention. Or, we could find ourselves in a dream-like state, unable to wake up. The thing we can do about this is to remember to surrender. Neptune, in our chart, gives us the power to surrender to powers beyond our control. When we can accept that there is a higher power and that we are only employees to that greater power, we receive the gift of inspiration and spiritual guidance. We gain a compass so that we are no longer lost within the sea of samsara.

We need to be careful to not become spiritually confused or entertained. Neptune retrograde in Pisces can cause us to wonder about the “grass on the other side”. It’s okay to explore different solutions, but we need to certain that we are not willingly distracting ourselves from what evolves us towards our true north.

We need to be careful of having a “holier than thou” attitude with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. If we are on the spiritual path, we need to be VERY careful of false teachers, solutions, and prophets right now. Stick to what you’re working on if you trust your source. Avoid looking for spiritual entertainment, and where the trends and masses are migrating too.

We shouldn’t use spirituality to make ourselves look “good” or “better than others”. Should we find ourselves doing this, the degraded qualities of Neptune retrograde will kick in and we may end up in a state of confusion. The Spiritual path requires the denial of the ego so that we can attain a state of happiness. Neptune gives us the dreams and inspiration we need so that we have something to attain. At the same time, we need to lay out our path to getting there.

Neptune LOVES Pisces, but when retrograde, we need to be very clear about our reality as well as the sacrifices that we may need to make in order to manifest all the great ideals Neptune bestows us with. If we find ourselves stuck in a whirlpool of confusion, check to see which comfort zone is pushing back against all of our forward movement. It could be any one of them!

Finally, as we look within because retrogrades activate yin flow, we can see where are still unhappy in our lives. We will get the information we need to make changes and move on from that place of unhappiness, walking past the past. Remember, surrender is the only way we can find peace without ourselves and the world around us – but it’s a surrender we need to choose.

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Collective transit and how to transcend it:

As a practical example of this transit, I have decided to lay out some of the collective pulls of this Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Transit. These impulses most likely are not our own, and it is highly beneficial to check and double check where the impulse is coming from, if it is personal or if it is a collective pull.

These compulsions are counterbalanced by focused voluntary choices of the same energy. The “Collective Transits” is a perception of the ego and could be seen as the karmic wind that blows from the space weather of the planet into the aura and atmosphere of the earth, its inhabitants, and their individual realities. In “How To Transcend It” we are presented with the choice we can take to make the best of these karmic winds so that they can turn into opportunities for growth, love, and development of psyche.

Collective transit:

  1. Being a Victim.
  2. Be confused.
  3. Be spaced out.
  4. Hoard things.
  5. Be lazy.

How to transcend it:

  1. Accept the challenge.
  2. Seek clarity.
  3. Concentrate.
  4. Share with others.
  5. Make a list of everything that needs to be done and figure out the way to complete them.


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