Your Electronics Impact Your Home, Office, And Health In Surprisingly Harmful Ways…

Your Electronics Impact Your Home, Office, And Health In Surprisingly Harmful Ways

Maybe you’ve heard of something called ‘ions’, and how they are related to electronic devices. But it can be hard to really understand what that means. Ions do play an important role in your health, in surprising ways; but not how you may think…

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Positive Ions

It may surprise you to learn that all of your electronic devices — without exception — positive ions. Ok cool. So what exactly are those, you ask.

Positive ions are usually carbon dioxide molecules that have been stripped of an electron. Also known as positively charged ions, they have been demonstrated to have a negative effect on your body when you are exposed to them in excess. Your lungs, respiratory tract, and immune system can all be compromised by them. This is because positive ions are so small they can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream from the air you breathe. In nature, positive ions are commonly formed by high winds, dust, humidity, and pollution and are at their highest levels just before an electrical storm. It’s hypothesized that this is the reason why so many people feel uneasy before a storm.

Another place that’s high in positive ions? Offices and homes. Fluorescent lighting, electrical equipment (such as computers, televisions, and clothes dryers), carpets, curtains, and upholstery are big creators of positive ions. This kind of recurring output can create anxiety and unneeded stress and can be particularly bad if you’re constantly switching between the home and office.

Negative Ions

So how do we combat this? With negative ions, of course. Negative ions are proven to diminish some of our stress and anxiety.

When you go outside, you’re surrounded by negative ions. Negative ions are created when a molecule gains a negatively charged electron. Due to this charge, they are statically attracted to airborne particles like dust, mold, and other pollutants and potential allergens. Even bacteria and viruses circling in a room can be cleared by negatively charged ions attaching to them. By attaching to these pollutants and allergens they give them a negative charge and, rather than drifting in the air, they are grounded and fall to the floor or nearest surface. Even bacteria and viruses circling in a room can be cleared by negatively charged ions attaching to them and removing them from the air. Negative ions are particularly in abundance at the beach, forests, and waterfalls. This is why we feel good in these places, and almost always feel uplifted from bad moods.

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Other Solutions

So how do we solve this issue of an over-abundance of negative ions? Simple. Throw away all your electronics and move to a farm.


To combat it, all you have to do is add more negative ions to your home. One of the easiest ways to do this is with Himalayan salt lamps and crystals. They’ve been proven to increase negative ions. Having a couple in your bedroom or meditation area can help you find a more relaxed mindset. One of the other benefits to Himalayan salt lamps is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so if you do not want a heaping rock lamp in your house — you can buy a much smaller one instead! But it’s important to keep in mind that the bigger the salt lamp or crystal, the more negative ions you are able to produce.

So beyond the salt lamps, what else is there? Another way to combat positive ions in your home is by having various kinds of house plants. Essentially, bringing in as much nature as you possibly can into your home will have multiple benefits to your overall atmosphere. You will notice a tremendous difference almost immediately.

Turning off wifi and putting your phone on airplane mode when you go to bed can also help you sleep deeper.

Remember, we’re hardwired to be in nature; it’s part of who we are — literally! Do everything you can to bring in those negative ions, and you will transform your home and workplace in significant ways.

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