What You Need to Know Before Starting Yoga…

What You Need to Know Before Starting Yoga

As you all know yoga is beneficial for everyone from children to old people everyone can do yoga to stay fit and healthy. But it gives you the benefits only when you have some knowledge about yoga. There are so many poses and exercises of yoga which helps you to keep your body healthy if you do it in a right way. So before starting yoga, you need to know about the right way for doing these exercises.

People are so curious to know how workout like stretching can solve so many problems. Yoga is originated from India. 1st June is celebrated as the world yoga day and there are many best yoga training academy in India which you can join to stay fit. Now its awareness spreads all over the world like a wildfire. If you just start yoga you should learn what yoga is, and its basic rules which give you a little confidence when you entre to the class. When you start yoga you need to give it a time. With this basic guide, you will know what to expect in your very first class.

If you are new to yoga and wants to know about it we are here to give you all the answers to your questions including everything that you need to know before doing your first beginner yoga workout. Before starting you should know what to wear, what equipment you need, how often to do it and what style to choose for your first class.

Yoga not only helps you to stay fit but to it also helps to make your body flexible and stress-free. Before starting yoga you should know about your body’s ability for doing yoga exercises and poses for this you can hire good yoga training teacher or you can join yoga classes. There are some poses of yoga which people cannot do who suffers from back problems.

Basic Yoga Rules

When you start yoga for the very first time you should learn the basic rules of yoga. It is done in bare feet on the yoga mat. The most yoga basics require the clothes that can stretch or move. So wear the most comfortable clothes that you can stretch or move easily and wear what makes you feel good. Then you also need yoga mat because yoga is done on the mat only. There are many mats available in markets and if you are going to purchase you choose best one for you.

Why should you do yoga?

There many benefits of doing yoga; it can help to remove stress from your body, maintain the health of muscles, improves the health of joints and muscles, get a good night sleep, prevents injuries in sports, spread conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders.

The best way to know if yoga is for you is to give it a try and can go to yoga teacher for guidance. Yoga not only gives you health benefits but It also slows down the negative effects of the office job and increase your sense of happiness and well being.

Do yoga for yourself

Yoga will give you the much-required space that needs your body. At the yoga classes, you can concentrate on yourself only. This helps you to discipline yourself which requires efforts and commitments. Giving time to yourself will make you feel good, stress-free and active. By doing this you can discover something new about yourself every time you get on the mat.

Do it with empty stomach

It is essential to do yoga with empty stomach before you commence your practice. You must give a gap of four or five hours between your last meal and your workout practice. Because if you practice yoga on a full stomach bound to make you uncomfortable. So try to do yoga before the meal and eat something after an hour, if you are starving and want to eat something then you can eat two bananas after 20 minutes of yoga.

Leave your shoes and phone outside

While practicing yoga you should leave your footwear and phones outside the door. Yoga is all about grounding and connecting your body, so phones and shoes are not required. It also requires you to be present in the movement and experience the each and every sensation. Ringing phones not only distract you but also disturb the other people around you. So it is necessary to switch off your phones before entering to yoga classes.

Before doing yoga let your teacher know information about the injuries and problems in your body to make sure you have a safe practice. If you have back pain, heart problem or high blood pressure your instruct must know about these entire problems so your instructor can modify a certain asana if it is not meant for you.


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