Natural Ways To Uplift Your Spirit And Health…

Natural Ways To Uplift Your Spirit And Health

If you asked a room of 10, 20, or even 50 people how many of them want to be healthier, it’s a safe bet that every hand in the room would shoot up. But if you asked everyone in the room how to become healthier, you could get 10, 20, or even 50 answers! Scientifically speaking, the basics of health revolve around diet and exercise While maintaining a reasonable weight is a large component of health, focusing solely on the body’s superficial physical well-being ignores other important components of a healthy life. Here are some important ways to stay healthy in a busy world.

Essential Oils

Let’s start with something helpful that many people don’t know a lot about: essential oils. Essential oils are extracts from trees and plants that can naturally relieve stress or even pain when applied to the body, usually on the forehead, wrists, or feet. Pioneers like D Gary Young devoted their lives to educating people about their many benefits. Are they automatic problem-solvers for everything that makes you unhealthy? No. Can they, with the help of other healthy behaviors, make you feel better? Absolutely!

Mindful Exercise

In our fast-pace, stressful world, exercise can become just another chore. That’s very unfortunate, because the time spent working to maintain or improve your body could also be time applied to improving your mind. Whether you prefer long hikes or walks, intense treadmill runs, or slow Yoga or Pilates workouts, if you are only thinking about the amount of time until you are done, you are missing an opportunity to relax and refresh as you go.

Every major religion puts emphasis on the benefit of deep breathing. Whether you choose to incorporate a spiritual element into your activities is entirely up to you, but if nothing else, it is helpful to take the time to breathe deeply and focus during exercise.

Real, Healthy Food

What you put into your body not only has a huge effect on your weight, but also your overall health. In fact, as you age, many studies say diet is more impactful than exercise, though neither should be ignored. While new diets are constant appearing, there is no magic formula for a diet that works for everyone. Some people find vegetarian or vegan diets very effective, while others swear by low-carb or keto diets, higher in lean meats and proteins. Every diet has its pros and cons, but there are a few universal truths to healthy eating.

First, the fewer processed foods you can eat, the better. Food that comes from natural ingredients is simply healthier and easier to digest than chemical-heavy food that is built to be mass-produced. Many times, foods that have been engineered to be “low-fat” or “diet” contain chemicals that slow metabolism down.

Secondly, sweets should be treated in moderation. A sugar-heavy diet can wreak havoc on a person’s health, leading to obesity, diabetes, and oral problems. The occasional birthday cake, soda, or cookie won’t hurt you, but take a disciplined approach and snack on them in moderation. Also remember that most juices and alcoholic drinks are sugar-heavy, so moderate them as well.

Thirdly, it’s hard to overstate the importance of staying hydrated. Your body needs water to survive and function properly. Water helps your skin, digestion, and pretty much every other aspect of the body’s machinery. Also be mindful of the dehydrating effects high-sodium and high-sugar foods and drinks have on the body and compensate with additional water.

Fresh Air and Sunlight

Lastly, no matter where you live, it’s important to take time and get outside. Yes, it’s harder to do this in Michigan in December than it is in California in June, but it’s important to breathe in fresh outdoor air and be exposed to sunlight to help stay physically and mentally healthy. Supplement with Vitamin D if you live somewhere with sunless winters.

You only have one body. If you treat it well, it should reward you with a long, healthy life. Use these guidelines to help make that happen!


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