Native American: Connection To The Earth…

Native American: Connection To The Earth

How Native American Culture Respects the Earth

Native American culture has a deep respect for the earth. Their symbols are a reflection of this. If you study their culture you can learn how to respect the earth and it’s inhabitants.  To the Native Americans it is a spiritual concept as well as a physical one. They learned to live with the earth and it’s plants and animals. They showed respect to many plants and animals by giving them symbols and meanings. If you look on the picture I have posted you can see the symbols and their meanings.

For example, a bear track means good omen. A rattlesnake jaw indicated strength. They knew that in their environment they had to live with these animals so they adapted to this environment by using the animal symbols to provide ways to live among the animals in their environment. A butterfly meant everlasting life. It gives hope in the future.

Rain meant plentiful crops and prosperity. Of course rain was so important to them because they had to use nature for finding their source of food and for finding plants  that they would use as medicine. Many of the plants they used for medicine provided cures for medical problems they had. Some of these plants we use today like aloe to help with burns.

If you study the chart of symbols you can see how fascinating their culture is and learn how to look at the earth and it’s plants and animals in a new light.


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