My Story: How I Became A Yoga Teacher…

My Story: How I Became A Yoga Teacher

Never in my life had I ever thought of becoming a yoga teacher except when out of the blue  I was presented the opportunity to teach yoga. I began practicing yoga at the YMCA when they started offering it to the members. I was interested in yoga and started taking a beginners class. I was hooked after the first class. I found it to be just the exercise I needed. I loved everything about it. I went to class twice a week and then started practicing at home. I never missed a class. The teacher was very inspiring.

After a few years, my teacher was going to move and she needed a replacement.

She asked me to do a triangle pose and a couple of other poses and said would I like to train to be a yoga instructor. I hesitated because I had never taught adults before. I had always been a teacher of children. But my instincts told me to take the chance and so I did and never looked back. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She mentored me and I took training classes for certification.

I started teaching classes in all areas of yoga at the beginner and intermediate level from hatha yoga to flow yoga to gentle and restorative and then yin yoga. I loved doing all of it.

Now I’ve gone back to my roots and am also teaching Kids Yoga.

Yoga has made me more healthy both in mind , spirit, and body  and I hope through  my teaching I have helped others become healthier and have through yoga brought more meaning to  their lives.



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