My New Age Story Embedded In The Old World Sport Of Horse Racing…

My New Age Story Embedded In The Old World Sport Of Horse Racing

Dear Community,

I’ve been studying the subject of Soul Mates and Twin Flames for quite some time. This topic is not new but ancient. Plato talked about celestial love, as well as the esoteric wisdom of all religions. My story is about reincarnation and three soul mates, connected by their love of horses and racing.

My father and I had a past life love of horses. In this lifetime, he passed that passion for horses and racing on to me. I adore my father, and we had a special soul mate bond: that shared link was horse racing.

I followed my passion for horses and racing, and down the road a past life love crossed paths with mine. I was spellbound by him, and he was mesmerized by me. Chris Antley was a well-known American jockey, and I was a stable hand, and we shared the same exalted inner essence. Our connection exuded an intensity that transcended the time and space between us.

The mainstream view of soul mates and twin flames is embedded in an ordinary attraction. However, the true metaphysical experience transcends the ordinary. Recognizing and understanding a soul connection is a process of awakening to your own soul, and to the connection with another person.

Charismatic Connection has two main points:

1) All parties involved need to be in touch with their sixth sense.

2) A soul mate or twin flame is a relationship made in heaven, but requires us to be grounded on earth.

Come along with me, and experience the journey that Chris and I have taken. Together let us arise from unawareness to discover a genuine soul mate connection…


Serena Jade


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Serena Jade

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Serena Jade has an eclectic background of experiences, studies, and observations that imbues life into the Body, Mind, and Soul…

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