My Journey To Self Healing…

My Journey To Self Healing

For as long as I could remember, she needed to rest.   She wasn’t able to do everything that everybody else did, but she hid it very well.  She was so strong and determined.  I was two years old when my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Because my family lived with this disease every day, I knew what to expect.  When I started showing symptoms in my late 20’s, it wasn’t fear or anger that I felt, but surrender.  As I was preparing for the results to come in, deep down I knew what my diagnosis was going to be before I heard it out loud.

Fortunately, I was diagnosed with a mild case of Multiple Sclerosis and more options were available to me than my mother ever had.  I was 29 years old and taking needles once a week to keep myself healthy.  A few years later into my 30’s, I began having episodes or MS attacks.  These attacks came in the form of numbness in my arms and legs, bells palsy in my face and optic neuritis in one of my eyes, which caused extreme light sensitivity.  Fortunately, all attacks passed and my function returned.  In order to prevent or minimize any future episodes, my doctor put me on a different kind of medication which meant I was now taking needles three days a week.  Although I was thankful that there was an option for me, I also felt a huge need to do something else to stay on top of my health.

About six years ago, my world was changed when someone mentioned the word Reiki to me.  At the time I had no idea what it was, but I was searching for something more and thought I would give it a try.  I began seeing a Reiki Master once a month and I continue to receive treatments regularly.  At first I was only interested in how to treat myself so that I could stay healthy, however I quickly experienced the benefits and realized that I also wanted to help others.

Fast forward six years and I have now completed my Post Masters/Teachers- Level 4 in Reiki training.  I am working with people and animals and above all, I continue to work on myself.

Since I began my Reiki journey, I have not had another MS attack or episode.  I am an active participant in my own health and I make sure to keep my mind and body healthy with regular treatments.  Some would call my story a coincidence, but Reiki has changed my life and I wholeheartedly believe in and have seen the everyday miracles of Energy Healing.


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