My Dress

My Dress

I wore a dress everyday

It was not through poverty or cost

Nor laziness, nor illness

I was still and momentarily lost

The doors were locked

Yet my mind was not

The world had stilled you see

Through illness, confusion and loss

Dead inside, I did not much care a lot.

You see, I found time

Or was it, that it found me

Together we formed a plan

Daily rituals became as one

Time, my dress and me.

My dress became my inner self

I wore my insides out

Stripped bare of needing

I found I needed less.

The more I thought, the less came out.

My dress became a cloak

Of invisibility I dreamed

Ghostlike I roamed

An armor of fabric held fast against the world

My imagination perhaps was not all it seemed.

I fell in love with my dress

It anchored me to myself.

I felt safe, a friend, an acquaintance of old

And as I crept out from behind my facade

My dress, I kept, a reminder of my true self.


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Andrea Hamilton The Healing Witch


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