My Angel Card Reader Failed Me…

My Angel Card Reader Failed Me

Back in January of 2011 I had a reading with my angel card reader whom I spoke to every 6 months. She was amazing, she was always accurate & she always led me in the right direction of my soul path. However, on that fateful day in January of 2011 everything changed and it sent me into a tailspin of spiritual confusion. My angel card reader failed me or did she? That is what set me on a new path.

During the reading she told me that my energy was ‘all over the place’ and I needed to get a job at the Gap and fold jeans while listening to music. I said to myself, “what in the heck are you talking about?” She was totally distraught, totally confused & she told me that she wasn’t even charging me for the reading because she had no idea what was going on with me. I literally counted on her for years to read for me every six months to keep my life on path & now I felt completely abandoned. I never spoke to her after that day.

I sat in my confusion. I sat in my despair. I sat in the feeling of losing the one person who I knew was always there for me as a guide and now I even blew her out. What was wrong with me? What did I do wrong? Those were the questions I now had in my new state of confusion.

Several weeks had passed since the reading when I had a co-worker of mine reach out and ask me if I had heard of Vipassana Meditation. Of course I had no clue what that was nor did I even know how to say the word. All I knew is that I still felt lost, I felt stuck and I still felt abandoned so I was open to anything that could help me understand why my angel card reader said, “your energy is all over the place.”

I learned that Vipassana was a form of meditation that helped you sharpen your awareness of what is actually transpiring on the inside of your body through the discipline of the mind and body through physical sensations. When I realized that this was exactly what I needed to do in order to ‘get quiet’ I immediately sent in my application for the 11 day meditation camp that was happening within the month and literally was in my backyard, 15 minutes away.

Attending the meditation camp was a game changer in my life. It brought me back into myself. It brought me back into the divine authority of myself. It guided me into the empowerment of my spiritual energies. However, it led me into the next level of my spiritual awakening that would lead me to the spiritual mentor who taught me what it meant by the saying ‘your energy is all over the place’ and yet she assisted in empowering me to bring that energy back into myself completely.

So, did my angel card reader actually fail me that day or did she do exactly what she was supposed to do by giving me the the information I needed to HEAR in order to move me ahead to my next level of change and knowledge?

I discovered she never did fail me even though it felt like she did. I came to have intense gratitude for her courage to tell me what she saw even though it freaked her out at the same time. It was the message I needed to hear in order to create a fear response in me to get me to move and bring in the information I needed to move myself forward which is exactly what happened.

As a psychic energy reader amongst other things I spend a lot of my time educating people that ‘readers’ are here to give you what they see in the energy, They are never your answers or predictions, they are guides. I am grateful for my angel card reader back in the day because I was open to the guidance even if it was completely confusing and sent me into a state of frenzy. It is exactly what got me to move.

Spiritual ascension is about movement and we bring in guides to help us do exactly that…MOVE.



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