4 Tips For Lifting Your Spirit With Music Therapy…

4 Tips For Lifting Your Spirit With Music Therapy

The Transformative Power of Music Therapy

Music has been around since the beginning of time. From the Mayans, the Aztecs, Buddha to Jesus they all had an affair with music.

Music is the universal spirit’s natural way of interacting with the physical world.

Music is the sound produced when a variety of resonating frequencies come together to form a harmonious melody.

These melodies have been playing forever and will continue to do so as our universe grows and expands.

Music has been used throughout the centuries to entertain and delight the crowds for generations.

Although music has been used mainly for entertainment, it is becoming more and more understood that music can also be used as therapy for healing various mind and body associated dis-eases.

Music therapy is not new, it’s been around for centuries; it’s just that most people aren’t consciously aware of the calming and healing effects of music on our energetic bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Think back to a time when you were feeling down, and at your lowest point – I’m sure music was a part of the remedy to lifting your vibration to manifest a happier mood, whether you were unconsciously or consciously aware of it.

It could have been a simple melody from the radio, the choir touching your soul at church, or perhaps even your own melodic version of your favorite song. These are all examples of the power of music and it’s healing therapeutic qualities.

So next time you’re in rut, try these simple musical healing tips.

They will help you to lift your energy to the higher vibrations, manifesting your most heart desired blessings in each and every moment.

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4 Tips

~ Tip 1:

Play some soft, relaxing music at a moderate level, not too high that is distracts you.

Just loud enough for you to hear the melody or instrumental. Once you’ve got your music, find a quiet space and a comfortable position.

Close your eyes and bring awareness to your breathing as you tune into the calming melodies.

Allow yourself to just relax and thoughts to flow away from you.

You are in a state of being, just being. One with mind, body and soul. Stay here for as long as you want.

~ Tip 2:

Get an instrument! If you’re a music lover like me, you listen to music everyday and sometimes you feel like messing around on the piano, the guitar, or the recorder.

When you have those moments of despair, nothing helps like a good rock out on the guitar or piano! Trust me. It works.

You’ll feel happier, motivated, and maybe inspired to do a creative task :).

Whatever it was that brought you to playing your instrument is long gone from your mind and you are on the path to recovery and reconnection with every note you play.

~ Tip 3:

Stop, Drop and just Play some music, something that puts you in a good mood, that you just want to dance to!

Let go, Be Free and Just Dance! Make sure you’re comfortable, so this is not something you do around your co-workers.

They’ll look at you weird and wonder what’s going on.  This is something you do for you. Clear out your living room, put on your jam and dance right out of that rut!

~ Tip 4:

Integrate music into atleast one of your daily activities. If you’re like me, you already listen to music everyday! If not, it’s time to start a music therapy routine.

Find some time to put on those feel-good jams and allow yourself to be inspired and uplifted by the tunes. This is good for when you’re exercising or working on a project and need a little pep-up.

Whatever activity you choose, make sure the music you choose is complimentary.

Don’t put on rock and roll music when you’re in the middle of putting a presentation together. An activity like that requires more of an instrumental type melody, classical or water/nature musical sounds.


Try these musical therapy tips and you’ll notice the difference. It’ll get better each time you try it. So go on and get your music therapy on! It’s worth it.

Here’s one of my favourites to get you started

Love  and Light Blessings To You,

~ Tora



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