Mouthwatering Stuffed Chayote With Ripe Plantains…

Mouthwatering Stuffed Chayote With Ripe Plantains

“Anti-Inflammatory, Anticancer, Lowers Blood Pressure, Boosts Up Your Immune System, Helps to Build Good Probiotics, Contains Lots of Omega 3 Oils, and More”

Here is a wonderful recipe that’s sure to please your whole family and keep them going for hours. This has become one of my favorite recipes now. And this recipe is great for lowering blood pressure, helps heal gastric ulcers, contain lots of vitamins, build strong bones, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, helps with anemia, boosts up our immune system, it’s great for weight loss, has a low glycemic index, cholesterol free, has lots of great fiber for building probiotics, low in calories, and contain lots of Omega 3 oils for great health. And people will come back for 2nds and 3rds of this delicious dish.

Another Whole-Foods Plant-Based Recipe:


Getting the Chayote Ready

4 – Very Large Organic Chayote – Cut in Half and Boiled with 2 – Salt-Free Veggie Bouillon Cubes until tender – You can find them at Latin and Asian Markets — They have a mild luscious flavor and texture and go well with almost anything and they are very low in calories.

For the Rice

4 – Cups of Cooked Organic Brown Rice

1 – Cup of Organic Sofrito – A Blended Caribbean Mixture of Equal Parts of Mild Green Peppers, Garlic, Oregano, Onion, Cilantro, and Culantro or Racao but you can just add some more Cilantro if you can’t find Culantro which tastes similar to Cilantro. You can freeze this mixture and use it for lots of recipes.

2 – Large Ripe Organic Plantains – Peeled and Chopped into 1 Inch Size Pieces – You want them a nice yellow color on the outside — not turning black.

1 – Large Organic Onion Chopped

3 – Organic Salt-Free Veggie Bouillon Cubes for the Rice

2 – Cups of Organic Sun-Dried Tomatoes – Cut into Strips

1 – Tablespoon of Mrs. Dash Seasoning

10 – Cloves of Organic Garlic – Minced

2 – Tablespoons of Organic Garlic Powder

1/2 – Teaspoon of Organic Chili Flakes

1/2 – Teaspoon of Organic Ground Black Pepper

Topping – Sprinkle on Top of Each Stuffed Chayote a 1/4 Cup or Less of Organic Nutritional Yeast — This Yeast Has a Great Cheesy Flavor and it’s Full of Nutrition

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Enough Filtered Water to Cover Everything

(Optional) – Add 2 or 3 Tablespoons of Hot Sauce if You Like Them Spicy… or you can use Organic Chili Powder

(Optional) – Sprinkle on Top a Bit of Organic Chili Powder to Give it a Nice Red Color on Top of the Nutritional Yeast

Take the chayote and cut them in half and boil with 2 salt-free veggie bouillon cubes until tender. Then let cool and remove most of the flesh of the chayote and add that flesh to a bowl. Even the seeds are edible — Wonderful. And chop all of the chayote meat into fine pieces.

Cook the rice with all the rest of the seasonings and also the ripe plantain pieces.

Add the rice to the chayote and mix well.

Then place mixture into the chayote shells and mound up a bit and then add the nutritional yeast on top… and a bit of organic chili powder on top.

Next, pop the stuffed chayote into an air-fryer or place them in a large pan and pop them into a 450-Degree Oven Until the Top is Brown – Everything is already cooked so just brown the top.

Let cool and serve.

Serves 8 or More People

See Link to Health Benefits of Organic Plantains –

Remember Eat Organic – All regular food contains from 30 to 50 chemicals including 6 cancer-causing chemicals, 10 to 12 hormone-disrupting chemicals, and 10 or more other disease-causing chemicals – Not Good – Eat Organic and Stay Healthy!

Enjoy This Great Tasting and Nutritious Recipe!

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist


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