Motherly Unconditional Love with The first Cancer Full Moon of The Year 2022…

Motherly Unconditional Love with The first Cancer Full Moon of The Year 2022

The first Full Moon of 2022 is in Cancer on Monday, January 17th, 2022, the sign of the mother.

The Cosmos is exhibiting an emphatic and vulnerable motherly y love, full of unconditional love, with a tendency to focus on home and family matters, with a special appreciation for the soul family that we have built on our way to self-evolution and self-discovery.

The theme of 2022 is about the powerful rebirth of the feminine. The aspects of the feminine at this Cancer Full Moon will put you in touch with your feminine self.

Gentle, nurturing, sensitive, with deep feelings and emotions, this Full Moon is preoccupied with her children exhibiting a mother’s protection and power, and it’s sending waves that will inspire you to create from the inside out.

Of course, you don’t have to be a mother nor born under the sign of Cancer to feel and receive guidance for this Full Moon. The Universe uses the Cosmos to communicate and touch all beings.

Very important portals are opening to channel high levels of information thanks to Mars conjunct with the Galactic Center and also Uranus becoming stationary with the Galactic Center.

Take time to connect with these dimensions by imagining a vertical line above you that creates a straight flow of energy between you and the Cosmos, and start to receive what your heart can handle. The more you practice, the more you will receive.

This Full Moon is about Inner Power and developing personal authority.

Where does your power land?

The Sun in Capricorn, is conjunct Pluto, opposite the moon, and is moving a lot of energy around truth and clarity.

Pluto is a very important influence in this lunation for its intensity and the way it goes to the root of the matter. You will find yourself regenerated and transformed by a deep connection with your inner abilities. Be in the moment, don’t go to the past to get attached or to judge, and don’t avoid what is in front of you.

Pluto will walk you into a rebirth process with an extra spin of actions and new perspectives while releasing distraction and disorganization.

Thankfully, the compassion of Cancer will mitigate the intense process of purging that Pluto requires. Remember to stay with the truth without judging.

Uranus squaring Mercury will contribute to you thinking differently, getting downloads, insights, new ideas, and innovations.

To complete the magic of this moon cycle is Neptune trine to the Full Moon and sextile to the Sun.

Neptune is the bridge to our spiritual origins; it’s connected to the source of energy, helping us to understand our destiny. Neptune also contributes to the Rebirth and Initiation components of this month.

While Pluto releases what stops your spiritual connection, Neptune re-creates the connection to the source.

Use imagination and creativity to shift to a perspective of love and to release the need to separate yourselves from others, or to judge,

Connect to your heart and bring your desire to feel more passion in your life, a deeper connection to your source with the support of the Full Moon in Cancer.


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