The Healing Properties Of Mother Of Pearl…

The Healing Properties Of Mother Of Pearl

Mother of pearl (also known as nacre), is a material created by certain mollusks as an inner shell layer.

It’s a slow-forming material made from calcium carbonite, conchiolin, and a material similar to silk. This process gives the mollusk the ability to find protection from bacteria and a strong armor. It also gives it a beautiful iridescent color that really catches the eye. Mother of pearl has been used for thousands of years, and was even found in the tombs of Sumerian royalty. The name “mother of pearl” actually came from the Latin term ‘mater perlarun’. This material was so prized that many seaside cultures became incredibly wealthy through harvesting it during ancient times. Not only would they use it for jewelry, but also for decorating furniture, art, and even musical instruments.

Healing Properties

  • Physical- Folklore says that this stone is helpful for dizziness, improving vision, and healing wounds.
  • Mental- Mother of pearl tends to have a calming effect on those that wear it, reducing stress and aggressiveness. This allows clearer thoughts and better expression. It also allows for better memory recall and dream recollection.
  • Emotional- The energy mother of pearl gives off “mixes” emotions so that they can become more balanced. Positive emotions become easier to embrace, while negative emotions become soothed.

How to use Mother of Pearl

Like most of the healing stones or crystals, it should be worn as close to the skin as possible. When direct with the skin contact occurs, the body is better able to absorb the vibration given off by the stone. This is why jewelry is often the preferred way of absorbing healing energy. When using our malas, the result is magnified even more by repetition of mantras or practicing meditation techniques.


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