More Effective Yoga Poses To Know And Love…

More Effective Yoga Poses To Know And Love

Once the basic yoga poses are mastered, a routine can set in and there is an urge to challenge one’s body even more . In other cases, certain areas of the body are targeted and yoga positions and moves are geared towards tightening the abdomen or other parts of the body. By focusing on goals as well as previous experience, more effective workouts can be created.

How does a yoga student decide how to find the ideal moves?

Start by considering experience level. Even beginners may want to discover the most effective yoga poses for them. Intermediate or advanced students may want more of a challenge and may have to use far more difficult moves to keep improving.

What to stop arms from jiggling or tighten the buttocks or abdominal area?

Consider if a particular body area is the focus.  There are yoga moves which can create balance while toning these areas. Of course, since each part of yoga works with what was learned previously, students will want to remember to breathe properly as well as maintaining correct posture. Remember the basics even while moving on to more effective yoga poses.

Do not mistake effective poses with difficulty level. 

Some are not that hard – but doing them correctly in order to get the best results is crucial. For a true challenge, try the Balancing Bear pose. Many who try this find it a bit tricky to get the form right and maintain balance. To do this properly, take hold of each foot while sitting on the ground or floor mat. The feet should be in a V-shaped angle from the body. Lean backwards, maintaining a straight spine and correct balance. If you wobble or have trouble staying upright, breathe slowly and keep practicing until the feet can touch the arms and the full stretch is achieved. This can be done several times.

For those who have never mastered a headstand, the challenge of a headstand pose might be a worthy goal.

It is officially know as the Sirsha- asana. Admittedly, it is somewhat difficult but has the benefits of strengthening the spine, enhancing the brain’s blood flow and increasing confidence over mastering a rather difficult – but highly effective – yoga pose. To do this one correctly, start by kneeling, with legs tucked under buttocks. Now lean down until the front arms (forearms) are on the floor and place the top of the head between them. At this point, it is useful to take a moment to get balance lined up properly.

Next, gently lift the legs off the floor, while having a person or wall nearby to provide help, especially if not fully confident with this pose yet. Keep spine very straight and hold this pose for at least a minute. If done correctly, there should be a feeling of blood rushing to the brain as well as the sense that the spine is lengthening and being pushed to get stronger.


Finally, get acquainted with each type of basic yoga pose, including the sitting, standing, twisting and supine moves. Each has its place in creating a strong routine with effective yoga poses.


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