Miracles In The Monastery: A Gift From The Spiritual Side…

Miracles In The Monastery: A Gift From The Spiritual Side

Everyone prays for miracles, but obviously they don’t happen often enough. Whether we are asking for a miracle for health, healing, financial distress or the loss of a loved one… Millions upon millions of people pray every day hoping that their voice is heard, and not only heard but answered.

38 years ago, number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and radio host David Essel began encouraging people to pray for miracles on a daily basis. Not because they were guaranteed to happen, but because hope is an important part of our existence. Little did he know, that one of the several miracles that he has experienced in life would happen 30 years later, in a monastery in the state of Florida.

Here’s David’s story about his miracle in the monastery.

“I believe in miracles, with all my heart. But unlike a lot of people, I don’t sit around and wait for them to come true, but rather pray, let go, and do whatever work is necessary in order to heal my life and the lives of those around me.

As a former all faith minister and pastor of a church, I had run into a serious issue with one of my knees and was awaiting surgery to get me out of the daily chronic pain I was in.

The surgeon that I had chosen could not get me into his schedule for at least 60 days, and because I do the work of counseling, coaching and ministry at that time, I could not take pain pills because it would cloud my vision and make it impossible for me to pay attention to my clients needs as well as give them the support necessary.

While in the past I found exercise as a great stress reliever, there was no exercise I could do with my pain throbbing 24 seven. On crutches, I would go from one office to another, just praying to get through the day and helping as many people as I could.

A number of years before this experience I had contemplated, deeply contemplated going into a monastery and turning my life over to God in the form of a monk. One of my closest friends, had researched several monasteries around the country and she was in full support of this huge shift in my career.

But I had to put that dream and potential move on hold, while I battled this intense knee injury. My girlfriend at the time, had agreed to go to a monastery in Florida called Saint Leo’s Abby, which is the last remaining monastery in the entire state.

We decided to go for four days, and attended every prayer service throughout the day. There are usually 6 to 7 prayer services a day including a mass, and it was incredibly painful just to go from the small living quarters we had rented up the stairs of the cathedral to sit with 22 monks during these incredible services. On the second day there I had considered asking the monks if they would pray on my knee, hoping for a miracle, but I honestly didn’t have the courage to ask them to do this for me, when so many of the prayer sessions were meant to help people all around the world in much worse conditions than I was.

So I sat. Prayed. And suffered.

On the second day, I put both of my hands on my injured knee and prayed to God to take 10 percent of the pain away. And hour later I asked for 25 percent of the pain to be taken away. And then I let it go, I thought if anything was going to happen it would and I shouldn’t worry about it as I hobbled back down the stairs on the way to the cafeteria to eat another meal with the monks.

That night as my girlfriend and I sat on the back porch talking, I mentioned that I was really hoping for a miracle with my knee. That the pain was so intense I didn’t know what else to do with it. We stood up as we were going to separate rooms, because you can’t stay in the same room unless you’re married, and I held her close and asked for a miracle. The next morning as we were hobbling back to the cathedral, I felt there was a slight shift in the pain but I didn’t want to mention anything to her in case it was just a figment of my imagination.

After the prayer service they had told us there was a grotto across the street, and even though it was quite a walk, we both decided that I would hobble over there with her and we would sit in the energy of the grotto, and pray for others around the world who are suffering.

There were pens and little slips of paper that you could write prayers on and then stick them into the crevices in the grotto wall. So I wrote several. One for my family. One for the worlds suffering. One for everyone who felt lost in life. And the last prayer I wrote down was for a complete healing of my knee.

We finally made it back to our rooms, rested for a while and then went to the final prayer service of that day. As I was walking down the stairs after the service I was absolutely blown away that at least 50 percent of my pain had disappeared. But once again, I didn’t want to mention anything to my girlfriend in case it wasn’t reality, just wishful thinking on my part.

On the last day of services, walking down the stairs once again I was absolutely blown away. I had almost no pain left in my knee. Was it a miracle? Or just really strong wishful thinking? We drove home the 2 1/2 hours that day, and as I went to bed I said a prayer that the pain would stay away, I was starting to feel hopeful that maybe a miracle had happened.

And a miracle did happen. The next day when I got up there was almost no pain whatsoever, I could walk without crutches, and I actually called the surgeons office and canceled my surgery.

The nurse thought I was crazy LOL. But I told her that my knee and healed somehow miraculously, and she told me that if the pain came back she would try to get me in, but it could be another 90 day weight if I actually canceled the appointment. I told her to cancel it.

Within 14 days I was back in the gym, riding the stationary bicycle at a very easy level. Next I was in the pool. Before I could not even swim because the pain was so great and I now find myself doing laps effortlessly.

Within six months I was back to my intense heavy duty weight training, and actually running again which I thought I would never do!

Did a miracle happened? Hell yes. Did I have any role in the miracle ? Hell yes again. If I didn’t take the time to drive to the monastery, to pray for others, to pray for myself, while I was in intense pain… I honestly don’t think the miracle would’ve happened.

I think so many people want miracles, but they don’t want to get uncomfortable themselves. So they sit in their homes, mobile homes, apartments, hoping that something changes but they’re not doing anything in the physical world to help the miracle long.

I really think if we want miracles we have to do our part in the physical world, and let God, the angels, and the spiritual around us do their work too.

If you need help with any struggles that you’re going through in life, in regards to prayers, miracles, and other spiritual practices like meditation, contact me at my website and I will do everything I can to help you strengthen your spiritual resolve and maybe, just maybe miracles could come into your life as well.”

David Essel’s work is highly endorsed by Wayne Dyer, celebrity Jenny McCarthy, and is recognized and verified as one of the top counselors and life coaches in the USA by psychology today and also verified as one of the top marriage counselors via marriage.com.

David accepts new clients from around the world every week, and works with them via phone or Skype, contact David directly at www.davidessel.com


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David Essel


David Essel, M. S., is a number one best-selling author (10), counselor, master life coach, international speaker and radio host…

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