5 Awesome Resources For Building Mindfulness…

5 Awesome Resources For Building Mindfulness

Mindfulness Resources for Every Moment of your Life

My journey with mindfulness began only four years ago, during a bout of terrible anxiety.

My doctor told me that I needed to “relax,” the sort of advice that really just pisses you off. But I decided it was time to listen.

That was when I took my first step towards peace by finding my breath and seeking out resources for mindfulness practice, such as meditation, mantra, and positive affirmation.

The experience changed my life and gave me techniques to fall back on when I am lacking center.

Since then I have explored many different guided meditations, spirituality books, and blogs on mindfulness practice.

These are resources I’ve found for every moment in life.

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For Everyday: Morning and Evening Meditations, Louise Haye

Haye is basically the grandmother of mindfulness practice, and an amazing example of life-long devotion to inner peace.

She has a ton of resources you can buy or listen to, but I’ve especially connected with her Morning and Evening Meditations, which are great to use as part of your daily routine.

I find these sorts of less-specific, malleable meditations great because they grow with you and adapt with life, making them ever-helpful!

For Creativity:  Effortless Mastery, by Kenny Werner

This is a book and meditation practice created by jazz pianist Kenny Werner.

I love Effortless Mastery because it is art-centric, and it is all about harnessing the inspiration that is all around us by being present.

It also encourages us to be easy on ourselves and to not compare ourselves to other artists.  

The mantra that is introduced in the guided meditation tracks is something I often come back to find my breath and ground myself: “I am perfect. I am a master.”

For Relationships: Conscious Transitions, by Sheryl Paul

Sheryl Paul has made her career helping those with anxiety with romantic relationships by teaching them to be present with their inner thoughts and how to change them.

She takes marriage counseling to the extreme by mending pending divorces and engagements put-on-hold.

She really works magic by battling the “fairytale” idea of romance and love and helping you come to terms with yours and society’s own misconceptions of love.

Her blog alone gives you the tools to work on your relationship and your attitude towards relationships in an effective way, but she also does e-classes on her website that come highly recommended.

I visit her blog often—she helps me immensely!

For Grief: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Motherfucking Sad, by Adam Knade

This is an enchanting little book that not many know about.

Adam Knade writes about ways to cope with sadness, grief and depression in little, easily-to-read lists.

It’s easy to digest, easy to carry around, and so dead on in its advice. Knade is also irreverently funny.

The book is artfully put together and only costs $7.

For Work: Real Happiness at Work, by Sharon Salzberg

In this book, Sharon addresses how mindfulness practice and the law of attraction can bring you success in the workplace.

The book is full of exercises and meditations that can be done anytime anywhere, and is extremely helpful in showing you the happiness beyond the stress.

For anyone who wants to be successful at what they do, this will give you the techniques to get there.

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