Mindful Job Searching: How To Thrive During Your Search…

Mindful Job Searching: How To Thrive During Your Search

You are likely reading this after your eyes have glazed over from hours of searching, typing, reading, searching again, and typing out your experience. Send. Hope. Pray. No response. Repeat.

You can’t help but to have this inkling feeling that something has to give eventually. After all, your efforts have left you drained and you are ready for the next step on your journey.

Is there a way to remain fulfilled with passion and experience a restful sleep while looking for your next opportunity?

Yes, there is!

If you are like me who have spent countless hours crafting and rewriting the resume, scouring the internet and newspaper ads for openings and just want to keep a sense of peace and clarity of mind during this process, please grab your favorite comfort beverage and read on.

In today’s age, wherever our heads turn it appears the hustle culture is growing louder and we can sense this overwhelming pressure to punch numbers, keep up the chase, and for those of us to prefer a gentler approach to life, this can lead to one feeling discouraged. What you want is to be enlivened and fulfilled with happiness and high sense of belief during your search, but how?

I invite you to find your notebook or a sheet of paper and write down all the things that are not working or serving you best during this time. Is there something within your realm of control you can change or respond to differently? What are a few habits or ways you spend your time that are not giving you positive effects? This takes time, but it is important to you to look at your situation from an eagle eye viewpoint and see where you can shift to unravel your experience and open yourself up to opportunities.

On a separate page, I would like for you to write down all the things that are currently working in your life and how you can build upon your strengths to best serve those around you.

The inner work may feel daunting, but by shining a light on you and your life as a whole, you can find where you shine the most. This is where you may want to shift your focus as you radiate your inner strength into your every day living. Celebrate You!

 Now that you have a clear sense of your strengths and the areas in your life that can be improved, I want you to close your eyes (after reading this article) and imagine yourself sitting outside in your favorite sunny spot, perhaps by the ocean or underneath the trees, and feel the wholesome sense that you already have everything you need in this moment. Allow the sense of warmth and gratitude to wash over you through you, rejuvenating every cell in your body.

Can you try this every morning for at least the next week? Having a sense of peace is influential in your job search. You want to develop the ability to sift through the thousands of postings so your focal point can pivot to your aligned positions available to you.

Lastly, you can make this fun! Join a networking gathering for a day and visit the places your ideal mates are hanging out. Get to know others. Allow your beauty and energy to shine through. Believe in yourself and remember, failures and rejections are part of success.

Take time for yourself each day to reset and fill up your wellness cup. Your future self will thank you.

I wish you the best in your search, and thank you Sivana East for displaying my letter to those who have lived in the same position as me.


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