Mindful Creativity

A creative life is incredibly rewarding, but many people have trouble finding the time to devote to creative projects. Even during quarantine, writers and artists found themselves uninspired or creatively blocked.

When we are blocked, no matter how much time it seems we have, days fill, and creative dreams are waylaid.

One way to break creative blocks is to go beyond the creative to-do list. Instead, tapping into our deeper creative reservoir, the mind-body connection, can open spark creativity in new ways. But how to begin?

Many times, when I work with writers, we begin with vision.

What do you want to create?

I ask, and though it seems like a straightforward question, the answer is rarely clear cut. Many times, there are multiple answers which, in of itself, can block a person from creative output.

Clarifying the vision of what we want to create begins with intuition. This sounds easy, but it can be rather difficult to pinpoint what it is we really want to see change in our lives.

I recommend a full sensory exploration and visualization exercise that combines meditation and writing as a first step.

A short example can be found here.

Once we tune in, we can then find more clarity and resolve. The next step is to find opportunities to work on our project and to be realistic with ourselves around timelines.

With a clear vision and a timeline, we can begin to lay the groundwork for grand creative visions by taking one step at a time toward the realization of projects. It’s a fun, windy road that we’ll be glad we stopped putting off.

Because no matter how little time we feel we have, creativity can give us a newfound energy and resolve.


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