Mind Matters

Ever consider the idea of having to retrain your brain?  This may sound a bit shocking or strange but let’s dive a bit deeper.  When we are born into this world we are automatically trained by our parents on how to behave and think.   We go to school and are trained by teachers.  We attend churches and jobs that tell us how we should behave as well.  This ultimately leaves us with the inability to think and discern for ourselves.  We just comply and never question anything most of the time.

 We have been taught from the time we were born to just follow the lead of others.  We are told to grow up and work hard to achieve our goals in life.  Society tells us to finish college, get married, have children, buy homes etc. Do we REALLY desire these things?  Have we taken the time to really think about what it is that we truly desire and why?

 In my own experience, I was a very angry little girl growing up.  I was violated as a very young girl, by our baby sitter’s husband.  My parents divorced before I learned to talk.  Later in life this left me unstable with so many questions.  I suppressed my feelings for many years until one day it all began to matter!  I experienced failed relationships with my family as well as personal relationships.  I felt like I was going through life with no road map, until one day a devastating event happened that opened my eyes!

 Hurricane Katrina in the year 2005, claiming the lives of several people and leaving my family and I homeless.  This natural disaster left an impact so strong, life was never the same since then.  If all of that wasn’t enough I ran right into an abusive toxic relationship less than a year later.

Yes! more negative events took place like a snow ball effect in my life.  I thought I met the one!  My so-called prince charming turned into an abusive, cheating. lying and manipulative narcissist.  Shortly after surviving that relationship I began to realize something MUST change!  I had no idea that the change needed was actually ME!  I meditated, prayed and read several self love and forgiveness books to help heal my broken pieces.

I realized that the mind truly matters!  At that point I understood whatever I tell my mind to believe, that will become my reality.  If I believed that I wasn’t worthy of prosperity or a healthy love life, whether conscious or unconscious , my life will in fact reflect that.  Unfortunately these beliefs come from our own personal life experiences as early as childhood.


Will you allow in negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself, or will you allow yourself to believe happier, more positive thoughts?  I encourage you today to think and feel from your heart space.  This will help you to create a more peaceful life.  This can easily be done by focusing on things that you are grateful for.  Learning how my thoughts and feelings help to shape and form my life really opened my eyes to a new way of living.  I am careful now to be more mindful and deliberate in creating my future reality! 


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Ladi Darah


Ladi Darah is a certified Life Coach and Author of book entitled “Love Revealed” , How I Discovered The Truth…

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