Use These 4 Spiritual Lessons From Potent Goddesses To Guide You This Fall…

Use These 4 Spiritual Lessons From Potent Goddesses To Guide You This Fall


In the fall season, nature leaves behind the powers of light, drawing inward to stillness and the sacred dark of Mother Earth, where the sleeping potential of new life resides. So, too, your spiritual journey calls you inward to quiet and reflection, compelling you to seek within the secret desires, dormant gifts and lost stories of your inner sacred dark where your sleeping potential resides.

Ancient Goddess tales of Inanna and Persephone help you seek out and source these deep roots of your spiritual work. They tell the story of the hera’s journey where the Goddess braves the Underworld, enters the mysteries and suffers the trials of the sacred dark, and re-emerges to the land above transformed into Her full maturity and powers.

Here are four lessons from these potent Goddess tales to guide your spiritual work in the fall season.

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1) You begin your hera journey when you step beyond the world you know, and turn your awareness toward the unknown of the sacred dark.

Inanna chooses to turn away from the land above and descend into the realm of the Dark Goddess. Persephone leaves behind the sun-bright realm of Her Mother Demeter and enters into the Underworld. Both step beyond their known, secure world to face the unknown of the sacred dark. Begin your own hera journey. Call up your courage and determination. Lessen your grip on the things you hold true and dear. Open to the mysteries of your inner sacred dark, and let them guide your spiritual work.

2) What you hunger for waits for you in the sacred dark.

Why does Inanna sacrifice so much to stand before the Dark Goddess? Why does Persephone forsake the world of sunshine and life for the Underworld of darkness and death? A soul hunger drives these Goddesses to seek out their greater becoming — to discover and reclaim the lost parts of their wholeness. Heed your soul’s hunger to seek out your greater becoming. Whatever you truly need to be whole waits for you in the sacred dark of your inner landscape. Here you can discover and reclaim the lost, precious parts of yourself that can nourish your soul and make your life anew.

3) Suffering and sacrifice are integral parts of your spiritual work.

Inanna gives up everything, including Her life, during Her journey in the Dark Goddess’s realm. Persephone lives in the land of darkness and death, embracing its ways and sorrows. These Goddesses understand that suffering and sacrifice are the price of admission to the Underworld, and the very traits of the transformative powers of the sacred dark. Don’t expect your spiritual work to be pretty or easy. Honor the lessons and experiences that come to you, especially those that challenge you the most. Know that this is how life is meant to teach and develop you. Great beauty, wisdom and resilience emerge from the depth of your struggles.

4) It’s the journey itself that transforms you.

Inanna emerges from Her descent as the Queen of Heaven, Earth and the Great Below. Persephone returns to Her Mother as the Queen of the Underworld and the Goddess of Spring Growth. Both have come into their full maturity and powers, encompassing the forces of light, darkness, life and death. Like these Goddesses of the hera-journey, you grow and mature by consciously engaging your life experiences, both the positive and negative. It’s this very toil of sweat and soul that changes you. Life, with its joys and sorrows, is the crucible of your greater becoming. Though you travel your hera journey by your own courage and determination, you’re not alone. You walk with the Goddesses who have carved this path since the beginning of humanity; you walk with every sincere seeker that heeds their soul’s hunger and the call of the sacred dark; and you walk with all beings of the living Earth in their dance with the descending darkness of Fall.


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